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No minimum keyword to get started, track & pay as you need!

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Our web-app present data in close to real-time

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Manage multiple domains, make it compact & efficient


Track your branded keyword locally, cross-border locales!

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Professional SEO, writing & analytics in enterprise level

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Note: To have a better product, our developer team improves the crawler regularly. The current unique selling point may change when you return to our website. The next version will allow you to have a personal assistant on your smartphone and other devices that support Telegram Chat. A chatbot will be available to answer an important question regarding your website performance on organic market share. We will develop a supporting tool for the daily activities of Business Owners, SEO Specialists, Marketers, Company Executives, and Webmasters.

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Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, cmlabs will help you solve your toughest marketing challenges. Capture who search your product in Google with precisely!

Track your keywords locally

Track your keywords locally

Understand your local ranking and upscale your local business growth with cmlabs!

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Accessible for these countries

cmlabs SEO Services and SEO Content Writing is accessible for enterprises around these countries. Our SEO tools are also available for all users and the most important is it's free. Let's Ensure your business is easily found with cmlabs SEO.

SERPs tracker features

cmlabs is a SEO analytics tool for tracking keywords in real-time. Get flexible access to exact data and enhance the best approach for your business.cmlabs is a SEO analytics tool for tracking keywords in real-time.

Updated 7 Aug 2021, 13.45

cmlabs Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with official data and solutions from Google. We turn complex data into insightful reports like pros for user.

Cost per click (CPC) of keyword

Competitive rate for Paid Search

Search volume Google

Keyword suggestion and ideas from Google

Trends on different country and language

Keyword categorization (suggested data)

All collected data (anywhere at any time) from Google will be analyzed and visualized automatically with D-1 crawl time, or we can say it’s close to real-time data. Users can easily understand the displayed data, determine the best strategy and the right approach to win, and also dominate the organic market competition.

Every business is allowed to see their website performance among direct competitors or indirect competitors. Aside from that, our analytics provides ranking position updates, so that users will be aware of their day-to-day search visibility on SERP locally.

Your team can manage multi-domains using only one account. While another rank tracking has some restrictions on this matter, cmlabs allows users to oversee their business necessity without additional charge for per-member or per-domain, it’s hassle-free! You can simply manage and monitor your business progress on Google by paying for - even just - one keyword.

You can get wider and comprehensive additional information from our SERPs Tracker data provided by our SEO Specialists! As the SEO activity should be well-managed to get the best results, we want to know if there’s any special request because we can optimize your efforts by enabling SEO services. We will do our best to assist you to step up your SEO game!

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