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Written by cmlabs | Mar 23, 2021

Under PT. cmlabs Indonesia Digital, cmlabs is a specialized brand in search engine optimization (SEO) fields that supports SEO activities. Located in two big cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Malang, the company was initiated to help companies or enterprises increase their brand visibility on the Internet.

cmlabs as a comprehensive and in-depth SEO company, offers three main solutions; SEO services, SEO Content Writing, SEO Expert Writing, and Media Buying. Users can also use our SEO Tools for free. Users who are doing SEO and marketing activities can take advantage of these tools free of charge for 24 hours. cmlabs will continue to expand the market to assist enterprise SEO activities on a global scale. Achieve better SEO results with cmlabs!


Developing a more specific and capable problem-solving system and providing end-to-end SEO activities to increase businesses organic growth


Our long-term vision is to leave behind search engine optimization in the form of tools, systems, approaches, and related items better than anyone can find today. We dedicate ourselves to specializing in SEO fields and using search engines to grow the value of brands, organic marketing, and SEO itself.

Our Values

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Deep thinking is a solid foundation for us for productivity and quality optimization.

Every activity, vision, and production stage needs to be processed with a deep thought process. We always pay attention to details for optimal results on all fronts with a great team.

Data Driven

Act using data as the basis for optimal new lead generation.

All our actions are not without reason. We act on data to make the right decisions. It is important for us to find new prospects to improve innovation.

cmlabs value illustration
cmlabs value illustration


We believe every individual needs and has the right to continuously improve themselves every day.

Every activity, vision, and production stage needs to be processed with a deep thought process. We always pay attention to details for optimal results on all fronts with a great team.

Analytical Thinking

Through data collaboration and innovation, we are ready to produce amazing thinking products!

We are always absorbing and analyzing new information. It's important for us to think data-driven to explore the latest innovative opportunities.

cmlabs value illustration
cmlabs value illustration

Critical Thinking

Critical and sensitive to current conditions opens contribution opportunities.

By thinking critically about the issues around us, we identify when and where there is a great need to contribute.

cmlabs developer teams developed online tools for marketing activities, specializing in organic marketing, specifically in SEO, These tools are free and unlimited. The target audience for these tools are business owners, marketers, writers and webmasters.

Our Solutions

cmlabs is here as an SEO service provider to help your business grow at the enterprise level. Set your company to appear on the first page of Google when a potential client searches for your business keyword. We have professional SEO Strategists and SEO Specialists on our team to serve you and give your website a strategic location for prospective clients. We provide SEO service packages covering local markets (Indonesia), Southeast Asia, Asia, and worldwide.

SEO Services

cmlabs provides SEO services for companies where users can discuss with SEO Specialists. This service certainly has its specialties compared to others. Here are some things done by SEO Specialists at cmlabs to help users: conducting keyword research; providing suggestions for on-page and off-page from the user’s website; providing a customer journey map; analyzing the competitive landscape; and providing traffic projections.

SEO Writing

cmlabs provides content writing that focuses on SEO-friendly aspects. The quantity of articles is flexible. According to the company’s OKR, or organic competition in a certain niche. Articles mostly consist of 500 to 1000 words with weekly and monthly editorial plans. At cmlabs, SEO Content Writing services include: suggesting a page title and meta description, developing a heading structure strategy, creating an outline and content planning, and enabling search snippets (an optional feature that requires approval from the company).

SEO Expert Writing

cmlabs provides expert writing alongside our SEO Writing offerings. Within this service, we furnish the same superior results synonymous with our SEO Writing services. Our SEO Expert Writing services include: high performing content like our SEO Writing Services, and also the inclusion of validation by our experts across various industries to gain confidence in its reliability and adherence to prevailing industry benchmarks.

Media Buying

cmlabs also provides Media Buying services. This service facilitates the placement of content (articles) in the media or online publishers. This service includes defining the target audience, projecting the number of visitors, the number of articles, and the target level of engagement.

Our Tools

cmlabs strives to make SEO practices easier for everyone, whether they are beginners or advanced players. In dealing with search engine optimization, we believe that one must be equipped with reliable tools. Our SEO Tools comprise 20 kinds of tools that can help optimization practices work effectively in every area. We make sure to help you solve technical and content production issues that may arise when you maintain your website's performance.

Here are the 20 SEO tools that we provide to help make SEO practices much easier:

  1. Word Counter: to calculate numbers of words, keyword density, paragraphs, etc.
  2. Title & Lengths Checker: to check the length of meta information
  3. JSON-LD Breadcrumb Schema Generator: to generate breadcrumb schemas
  4. JSON L-D FAQ Schema Generator: to create FAQ schemas
  5. JSON-LD How-to Schema Generator: to generate how-to schema markup
  6. JSON-LD Job Posting Generator: to create job vacancy schematics
  7. JSON-LD Person Schema Generator: to generate a personal information schema
  8. JSON-LD Product Schema Generator: to create a product schema markup
  9. JSON-LD Recipe Schema Generator: to generate food recipe schema markup
  10. Page Speed Test: to see website’s performance on mobile and desktop
  11. Sitemap Generator: to create a sitemap in a script HTML code
  12. Mobile Friendly Test: to check website’s mobile friendliness
  13. SSL Checker: to check the validity of website’s SSL certificate
  14. Robot.txt Generator: to generate robot.txt so the indexing process works efficiently
  15. Redirect Chain Checker: to analyze redirect links
  16. Technology Lookup: to identify the technology used to build a website
  17. Link Analyzer: to track all the URLs linked to a website
  18. Hreflang Checker: to identify hreflang tags automatically
  19. Keyword Permutation: to generate a series of word combinations
  20. Plagiarism Checker: to check the originality of writings
  21. Ping Tool: to check network connectivity and websites.
  22. HTTP Header Checker: to inspect requests and responses on websites.

cmlabs ensures that each of our tools is safe to use. We are committed to preserving your privacy. For further information, please read our privacy policy.

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