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Written by cmlabs | Mar 23, 2021

Under PT CMLABS Indonesia Digital, cmlabs is a specialized brand in search engine optimization (SEO) fields that supports SEO activities. Located in two big cities in Indonesia, Jakarta and Malang, the company was initiated to help companies or enterprises increase their brand visibility on the Internet.

cmlabs as a comprehensive and in-depth SEO company, offers three main solutions; SEO services, SEO Content Writing, and Media Buying. Users can also use our SEO Tools products for free. Users who are doing SEO and marketing activities can take advantage of these tools free of charge for 24 hours. cmlabs will continue to expand the market to assist enterprise SEO activities on a global scale. Achieve better SEO results with cmlabs!

The Vision

Developing more specific and more capable problem solving system and providing end-to-end SEO Activites to increase businesses organic growth

The Mission

Long-term vision is to leave behind the search engine optimization (in form: product/system/approach/related) better than anyone found today. We dedicate ourself to learn SEO fields, and seach engine to grow the value of brands, organic marketing, and SEO it self.

Our Values

cmlabs value illustration


Deep thinking is a solid foundation for us for productivity and quality optimization.

Every activity, vision, and production stage needs to be processed with a deep thought process. We always pay attention to details for optimal results on all fronts with a great team.

Data Driven

Act using data as the basis for optimal new lead generation.

All our actions are not without reason. We act on data to make the right decisions. It is important for us to find new prospects to improve innovation.

cmlabs value illustration
cmlabs value illustration


We believe every individual needs and has the right to continuously improve themselves every day.

Every activity, vision, and production stage needs to be processed with a deep thought process. We always pay attention to details for optimal results on all fronts with a great team.

Analytical Thinking

Data collaboration and innovation, we are ready to produce amazing thinking products!

We are always absorbing and analyzing new information. It's important for us to think data-driven to explore the latest innovative opportunities.

cmlabs value illustration
cmlabs value illustration

Critical Thinking

Critical and sensitive to current conditions opens contribution opportunities.

By thinking critically about the issues around us, we identify when and where there is a great need to contribute.

cmlabs developer teams developed online tools for marketing activities, specializing in organic marketing, specifically in SEO, These tools are free and unlimited. The target audience for these tools are business owners, marketers, writers and webmasters.

Our Solutions

cmlabs is here as an SEO Consultant to help your business grow at the enterprise level. Set your company to appear on the first page of Google when a potential client searches for your business keyword. We provide professional SEO Strategist and SEO Specialists in the team to serve you and bring your website a strategic location for prospective clients. We provide SEO services packages covering local markets (Indonesia), Southeast Asia, Asia and Global.

SEO Services

SEO Consultant services for companies where users can discuss with SEO Specialists. This service certainly has its speciality compared to others. Here are some things done by SEO Specialists from cmlabs in helping users: conducting keyword research, providing suggestions for on-page and off-page from the user’s website, providing customer journey map, competitive landscape and traffic projections.

SEO Writing

cmlabs provides content writing that focuses on SEO-friendly aspects. The quantity of articles is flexible. According to the company’s OKR or organic competition in a certain niche. Articles mostly consist of 500 to 1000 words with weekly and monthly editorial plans. SEO Content Writing services at cmlabs include: suggest page title and meta description, make heading structure strategy, create an outline and content planning, search snippet enablement (additional feature that requires approval from the company).

Media Buying

cmlabs also provides Content Marketing services. This service facilitates clients to place their content (articles) in the media or online publishers. This service include: defining the target audience, projection of the visitors, number of articles, and engagement target.

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