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Last updated by cmlabs at May 17, 2024

cmlabs case study Ruangmom

SEO Data

Organic Traffic Growth
Organic Keywords Captured
Ranking Distribution
Keywords & Ranking:

Attention! It should be noted that we have limited access to some of our client data, hence some of the data displayed is sourced from a third party.

Key Takeaways

  • As a parenting education platform, Ruangmom has fierce search competitors. Not only that, the Ruangmom website was also affected by the Google Core Update.
  • To deal with this issue, the cmlabs team carried out a full audit and mapping of keyword gaps between competitors.
  • Consequently, Ruangmom succeeded in dominating Google search results and experienced an increase in website traffic of 112%.

About the Client

Founded in 2020, Ruangmom is the first Indonesian women's care platform to discuss topics related to women and parenting. Ruangmom functions as a platform raising topics about femininity and parenting with identity-based analysis. Ruangmom and cmlabs have been collaborating since 2020. See Ruangmom and cmlabs' journey below.


Services Taken

  • Traffic projection
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy & recommendation
  • Technical SEO
  • and many more
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  • Weekly/monthly editorial content
  • Page title, meta description, suggestion
  • Outlining & content planning
  • Search snippet enablement
  • and many more
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Obstacle We Encountered

Affected by the Negative Impact of the Google Core Update

The Ruangmom website was negatively impacted by changes to the Google algorithm, causing a drastic decline in organic traffic.

Decrease in Content Production Quantity

In the middle of the project period, Ruangmom reduced the quantity formulated at the beginning of the year.

Fierce Search Competitors

Ruangmom, which operates in the parenting and feminine sectors, had to compete with competitors who had high authority, making it difficult to get a high ranking.

Our Best SEOlution

Affected by the Negative Impact of the Google Core Update

cmlabs carried out a full audit and optimized high-demand and organic traffic booster content on the Ruangmom website.

Decrease in Content Production Quantity

cmlabs modified the OKR numbers according to current conditions and the decision to reduce the amount of content, as well as redesigning the SEO roadmap according to the new content quantity.

Fierce Search Competitors

cmlabs mapped keyword gaps between several competitors to find targeted keywords and get a high ranking on the Ruangmom website.

Organic Achievements

Website Traffic Growth

After collaborating with cmlabs for the SEO Services and SEO Content Writing Service, the Ruangmom website saw a significant increase in organic traffic of up to 112% even 11 months after the collaboration ended. This achievement helps Ruangmom become one of the market leaders in the family and parenting niche.

Figure 1: Ruangmom experienced an increase in organic traffic of 112%.

Ruangmom Leads the Google Search Results

Figure 2: Ruangmom articles dominate Google search results.

Additionally, the SEO efforts we carried out also resulted in most of the keywords targeted on the Ruangmom website being ranked in the top 5.

Business Achievements

Significant Increase in User Sign-Up

As a business that offers products and services related to parenting and pregnancy, Ruangmom has experienced a significant increase in user sign-ups from SEO activities carried out by the cmlabs team. This increase became a conversion for Ruangmom in sales of the products and services offered.

Widening Collaboration in Ruangmom Business

Apart from offering products and services in the parenting and pregnancy sector, Ruangmom also held interesting events with influencers to share tips and inspiration about parenting or pregnancy. This good organic performance has succeeded in helping Ruangmom reach new partners for event needs and collaborate with suppliers of the products and services offered.

SEO Data

Rank Distribution

Ruangmom's ranking distribution is dominated by ranks 1-10 with a percentage of 86.21%. This targeted ranking performance means Ruangmom can reach potential users more easily, thereby increasing the possibility of getting more user sign-ups.

Organic Traffic Growth

Ruangmom saw a significant increase in organic traffic of up to 112%. This good performance persisted 11 months after the collaboration ended, in which Ruangmom was still the market leader in the family and parenting niche.

Organic Keywords Captured

Based on keywords produced and optimized every month, Ruangmom has succeeded in capturing 140,000++ queries. This successfully captured query was an indication that the Ruangmom website had good visibility on Google. This was a good base for Ruangmom in reaching a wider target user for other digital marketing activities.

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Learn How to Set Your SEO Objective!

Please note, if not all types of businesses can use SEO. then it is important for you to understand whether potential customers of your products and services are actually searching through search engines

In some businesses, there are high activity of searching in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In fact, a company can stand strong with just a 3% market capture available in its niche through search engines. Hence, understanding how to gain organic traffic is essential and even becomes one of the most basic of organic marketing. Let’s say, you run a business in the niches below:

  • Travel & transportation
  • E-commerce
  • Financial inclusion & services
  • News or online publisher
  • Property
  • Automotive
  • else.

To gain excellent organic traffic, companies operating in certain niches need a specific SEO approach. To do so, here are some steps you can take:

  • Optimize for local search with keywords targeting specific destinations, landmarks, and niche-related terms.
  • Create comprehensive articles to attract a target audience.
  • Focus on optimizing product pages with descriptive titles, meta descriptions, and keyword-rich content.
  • Implement structured data markup to enhance search engine visibility for products.
  • Generate user-generated content such as reviews and ratings to improve credibility and SEO.
  • Target long-tail keywords that address the specific needs or concerns of your target audience.
  • Build authoritative backlinks from reputable websites and publications.

Some business sectors have large and complex markets, making the marketing activities intricate and imprecise. In this case, big companies need to conduct comprehensive content marketing activities, specifically SEO campaigns, to get awareness through mass media and online publishers in a country. Considering this activity requires a larger budget, you need a comprehensive and well-designed strategy.

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When your company has targeted thousands of keywords, the next step is building market dominance in particular business niches on search engines. To do so, working with cmlabs is a prudent move as we understand your company's position compared to direct or search competitors is vital. Additionally, we will help you to make your company get a percentage share based on the company's OKR.

For some SEO companies, enriching search results is just complementary, a standard practice without much thought or strategy. However, for us, this is an important investment and should be maximized. Based on our internal analysis, the SERP feature that you build up does not directly impact organic visits, but overall, it makes search engine algorithms understand how your website is trying to provide information with better serving options to users.

On-page issues are becoming a common problem, yet some company executives have the wrong priorities. We agree that technical matters are important, but other factors like keyword clustering and website planning must also be considered. This will be a big team collaboration so we will handle the technical issue together.

Getting on the leaderboard is important, but not all enterprises understand it. To climb on the leaderboard, you need an extensive analysis and evaluation of market volume. This approach will help you figure out how much percentage of the market we captured.

Even though ascending the leaderboard does not relate to organic market share, at least you have targeted tens of thousands of keywords with a larger optimization scale, such as the nation scale.

Increasing ranking distribution is an advanced optimization option and also one of the most crucial SEO objectives. This strategy requires a comprehensive strategy, avant-garde planning, and a precise design.

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