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cmlabs provides SERPs Tracker or Keyword Rank Tracker, register and get your Rp180k now?
Pay as You Go
There are no minimum keywords. One keyword is all you need to start. Our SERPs Tracker will always be available anytime when you need it to.
D-1 Crawl Frequency
Our data will be collected in close to real-time. When we crawl, the data we retrieve will be at least D-1. cmlabs will present you with the most updated data.
Multi-Domain, Easy to manage
You can manage multiple domains (websites), as much as you have, in just one account. Less hassle, compact, faster, and very efficient.
Multiregional and Multilanguage
cmlabs operate in various cross-border locales and key countries giving your assets their extended reach. We even provide you with several language options. Bigger market, wider target.
Localize SEO Experiences
Not only SERPs Tracker, cmlabs has several SEO services too. Our specialty being Indonesia and we provide SEO Consulting, Content Writing, and Content Marketing. Internally, we are staffed by experienced personnel in all SEO-related fields.
24 Hours Support
Albeit in different time zones, you will always gain access to our SERPs Tracker whenever you need to. Our servers operate round the clock 24 hours. They never sleep.
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Rp1.800 Per Keyword
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Relevant Information for current pricing
  1. We use a usage and credit scheme in calculating the keywords tracking cost. Make sure you have enough credit before adding new keywords to Analytics.
  2. Your credit will be deducted on the 25th date at the same month. If you add or delete some keywords from the list, the bill you receive the following month might be different according to the number of keywords you input.
  3. For tracking more or equal to 10,000 keywords, you will automatically get a 10% discount (active period until February 28, 2021).
  4. Your credit is refundable at any time. We will process the refund no later than 20 working days after submission.
  5. If you have a voucher-code from a CMLABS company partner, it is advised to use the voucher before the 25th of the month. The voucher code you enter on the 25th or later will be valid for the following month's period (every voucher has a validity period and it is regulated in terms and conditions).
  6. Payment methods available: GoPay, OVO, Shopee Pay, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Last update Mar 23, 2021

Explore the full features of CMLABS SERP Tracker

CMLABS will enhance your analytics capabilities and incorporate machine learning to provide technical SEO advice from the data we track since the first time you input keywords. Analytics Features Illustration
Integration Last update 25 Oct, 2020

CMLABS SERP Tracker is designed to work seamlessly with important Google solutions and partner products (eg. Keyword Planner for Search Volume, CPC, Product Category & Classification), time saving and efficient.

Table 1: Example for integrated data with Google and Partner Products
Keyword you provided
Keyword for all language
Search Volume, A
Exact number for specific month
Search Volume, B
Monthly average search volume (last 12-month)
Cost Per Clicks in USD
Indexed value from paid search (based on your country and language)
tiket kereta jakarta bandung 1.900 Sep, 2020 4.400 Oct 2019 to Sep 2020 $1.9 Low
nama bayi laki laki islami 135.000 Sep, 2020 135.000 Oct 2019 to Sep 2020 $0.01 Low
harga sepatu vans 12.100 Sep, 2020 14.800 Oct 2019 to Sep 2020 $0.2 Medium
sewa mobil lepas kunci jakarta 1.300 Sep, 2020 1.000 Oct 2019 to Sep 2020 $0.3 High

CMLABS SERP Tracker opens many possible ways to access, organize, and visualize your SERRPs data to suit your business needs.

Our system is designed to allow you access and manage until 3-level of the CTRs management and direct competitors.

We are currently developing cmlabs Assistant, a robot that identifies technical errors on the website. In the first stage of the release (Dec 2020), two tasks will be assigned into the Assistant.

What's Next

In the next quarter (Q2-Q3 2021), we will develop supporting tool for the daily activities of Business Owners, SEO Specialists, Marketers, Company Executives, and Webmasters. The next version will allow you to have personal assistant on your smartphone and other devices that support Telegram Chat. A chat-bot will be available to answer an important question regarding your website performance on organic market share.
Our Specialities

cmlabs Services is focusing on three specialization: SEO Specialist, SEO Campaign, and Content Writing. Each field is filled with passionate individuals and professionals.
(+62)  341-475-665  or  (+62)  21-666-044-70

SEO Specialist

We help enterprises optimize SEO-Roadmap, onpage and offpage. Improved the quality of website performance on search engines.

Content Specialist

We provide all content writing activities, including copy for website. cmlabs provides content in EN and ID versions.

  • SEO Specialist

    We help enterprises optimize SEO-Roadmap, onpage and offpage. Improved the quality of website performance on search engines.

  • Content Specialist

    We provide all content writing activities, including copy for website. cmlabs provides content in EN and ID versions.

featured cmlabs Case Studies
Learn how our specialist team can help companies reach more people on Google search organically. Currently we’re helping Indonesia and Singapore brands with million of monthly active users on average.
  • Indonesia Property

    PROSPEKU increasing 45% of the traffic (click) in 28 days compared to the previous period
    Prospeku is an app-based company that helps property agents in managing customers and marketing properties. After a month of collaboration with cmlabs, their traffic increased 45% compared to the previous month. Right now the number is increasing and is expecting to go throught the roof.
    Last update Mar 23, 2021
  • Indonesia Health

    Ruang Mom
    RUANGMOM has 200% daily active user by third quarter of 2020
    Ruangmom is a web-based and application-based platform that provides the latest information and updates related to maternal and infant health. After working with cmlabs for SEO optimization on their website, in 3 months the ruangmom website received an increase in the number of daily visitors by 200%.
    Last update Mar 23, 2021
  • Indonesia Travel

    Tiket Resmi
    TIKET RESMI received impressions 140% more within 3 months compared to the previous period
    Tiket resmi is an online platform for prices, schedules, and transportation information in Indonesia. Tiket resmi is cmlabs' side project and managed to gained 140% impressions through content marketing. Right now, tiketresmi has secured their place in the first page of Google.
    Last update Mar 23, 2021
  • Indonesia Industry

    Wira Griya
    WIRA GRIYA increased 200% of their ranking average position within 6 months compared to the previous period
    Wira Griya is the authorized distributor GH Crane & Components, KITO Hoist & Crane, CMAK Crane Systems, Asahi Sunac, and several factory machinery, for various purposes in the manufacturing and construction industries. After collaborating with cmlabs, Wira reached the first page for some keywords.
    Last update Mar 23, 2021
SEO Tools

CMLABS teams developed some tools to boost marketing activities - more specifically in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO tools are free and unlimited.

These tools is beneficial for those who work in the fields of: SEO, Content Writing, Digital Marketing in general, Web Developer, and Business Owner.

Analytics Tools Illustration
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