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MAY 15, 2020
9 min read

Let’s Get to Know Content Marketing And Why It Is Important

WRITTEN BY Lisa Novita Sari
MAY 15, 2020
9 min read
Lisa Novita Sari

Last updated: Apr 12, 2021

Nowadays, there are many platform choices to reach customers for the purpose of content marketing. The platforms or tools that functions to reach customers is known as the marketing channel. You need full consideration before choosing any marketing channel.

Determine the goals or target you want to achieve, and adjust them with the company’s resources. Research your target audience, their needs, the channels they often use, etc. You need to make sure the budget item for marketing is sufficient and effective in attracting customers continuously.

Implementing a surefire marketing strategy is the key to getting maximum profit. There are several marketing channels that you can choose, including OOH, paid search, website, social media, offline events and organic search.

Marketing Channel

Before discussing about organic marketing, let’s learn about the available marketing channels first.

1. OOH

Have you ever come across a taxi or a car with the back window full of ad paper? Well, that is one example of OOH. Out of home advertising or outdoor advertising is a marketing channel that targets the audience when they are moving or are on the go. OOH is also doable in billboards and retail.

2. Paid search

Paid search is a marketing channel method using a paid system. When users type in keywords related to your service, search engines will bring up your site. There are two main dominant players in paid search, they are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

3. Website

Who says a website cannot be used as a marketing channel? In fact, the website plays an important role in giving a first impression to the customers.

The website must have a clear view of what products are offered, what services are available, and such. That way, users will be interested in learning more about your business.

4. Media Sosial

Have you ever heard of the term ‘influencer’? It is undeniable that the large number of followers is useful as a marketing channel. The popularity of influencers is effective in attracting people’s interests. In addition, you can monitor the current trends and customers’ top choices. The correct use of certain hashtags can help you find market interest.

In addition, social media is also a useful means to interact with the people in your target audience. Choose a type of social media platform, then focus on promoting consistently.

5. Offline Event

Of course, it’s not a problem if you still choose traditional channels as a marketing tool because the type of marketing channel is also influenced by previous company experience. The examples of marketing channels in offline events are the distribution of brochures, leaflets, sponsoring events, or participating in exhibitions.

6. Organic search

Nowadays, people are accustomed to finding information on the internet. When they type one keyword, the search engine will display all results that are relevant to that keyword. Organic search supports your site to make it always appears on the first page.

When your site reaches the first page, you have a higher opportunity for users visits. That way, the traffic on your site will increase accordingly.

The main components of this model are the content and SEO technique. Solid, quality content will boost your site to always be at the top of the search list. This kind of marketing channel method is considered as the most effective method in marketing strategies.

Why Organic Search Marketing?

Let’s put it this way, you write one piece of content, and then it turns out that the content is the answer a user is trying to find.

Well, since the user is satisfied their questions are answered in your writing, they would feel comfortable lingering on your site. They even try to find about your other writings.

Next, they will make your site a reference for their questions in the future. What did you get? High traffic on your site, and it will keep surging up in the search engine pages when users type in relevant keywords.

The good news, organic search marketing is something you can learn with the support of SEO optimization. So, producing content that is in accordance with market needs and has the opportunity to get high traffic is no longer a coincidence.

Among the many choices, this marketing strategy has a great opportunity for marketing success. So how do you implement organic search marketing? The following are 5 main activities to have a maximum “organic planning search”.

Content Production In a More Creative Way

Content is the core of organic search marketing. Remember, quality over quantity. Quality content is content that can answer the needs and curiosity of users. But before that, you have to know the types of contents.

1. Get to know the types of content

Before starting to compile content, you need to know the newest types of marketing content.

a. Article

What you need is an article that is not only informative, but also persuasive. Serve articles in a light but solutive language. You can bring up a common case that customers face everyday, then review the solution. Close the article with a line that says your company’s services are always reliable to solve similar cases.

b. Blog post

Blog posts are also an interesting promotional media. Make educative blog content and encourage customers to be able to resolve their cases independently.

c. Infographics

Infographics offer content that is dense, concise and quickly understood by users. The trick, post an infographic at 3 pm to get a high number of clicks.

While posting at 1 pm is believed to be effective to get lots of shares. Take advantage of Facebook Analytic to learn when your customers are online.

d. Podcast

Some people find it easier to understand information by listening than by reading. People can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere. It could be on the train, or on the sidelines of work, or even when they take a shower. Arrange easy listening podcasts to grab attention.

e. Video

If you want content that seems more real, choose a video. Videos can reach users more intensely and more communicatively. The most popular video marketing platform is Youtube.

2. Choose The Type of Content That “Can Reach Potential Candidates” for Your Business

From the five types of content above, determine the type of content with the most effective way to reach the target audience. Especially if you choose to use articles, emphasize producing high quality articles. Do keyword research, consider where to place it, produce weighty writing.

Having high quality content is important, but more important if the content is known and read by users (including your potential customers).


  • The company must determine the type of marketing channel that is suitable for maximum profit;
  • Organic search, an effective marketing channel to reach consumers continuously;
  • Quality content and SEO are the keys to organic search success;
  • Successful content is content excellent readability and able to attract potential customers;

Monitor What Matters

There are some important things in creating content that you should monitor. What is the number of clicks and impressions? Have you chosen keywords with high search volume potential?

Avoid putting the wrong keywords, or your content is at stake. It would be unfortunate for the good content to be buried deep in the search results page.

a. Clicks

Clicks is the indicator of how many times user clicks on your ad. Remember that when a user clicks on an ad, they will be redirected from your site pages to other pages that are more specific. Logically, the number of clicks is directly proportional or greater than the website click numbers. To find out how many clicks on a website, you can use Google Analytics.

b. Impression

Impressions or impressions are numbers that show how many times the Ad on your website page was clicked by a user. To find out how many impressions on the website, you can use Google Analytics.

c. Search volume

Search volume is a number that indicates the number / volume of a keyword searched by users. You can use Semrush to check the search volume of a keyword.

d. Keyword

Keywords are phrases in your content that brings the chance to appear in search engines. To help you determine the right keywords, use Google Ads Keyword Planner.

e. Keyword value

Keyword value is related to the price of a keyword if it is advertised by ad makers in search engines. As explained before, you can use Google Ads to see how much a keyword value.

f. Keyword position

If you type a keyword in search engines, the keyword position will map your website’s ranking compared to other competitors.

Identify and Capture Your Potential Customer

Identify who your target audience is. Map who truly has the potential to become a customer for your content. The following are three stages in finding a potential market area.

a. Identify keywords or keywords related to your business

Now try to position yourself as a user. Estimate what users are typing on the search engines when they need your service. Collect as many keywords as possible that have the potential to be typed in search engines.

b. Discover the total demand through several available tools

After finding the keyword nominations, now check how the total demand is. If it turns out that your keyword demand is still low, try to find alternative other relevant keywords. Take advantage of the Google Ads keyword planner to facilitate this activity.

c. Create cumulative data to find groups of keywords

Collect relevant data to help narrow it down to a group of keywords.

Finding a Balance Between SEO and Amazing Website Design

Are you done writing a content? Now it’s time to balance content with your website design. Remember, an attractive design also contributes in content marketing. There are at least four important things that you should consider in designing a website.

a. Responsive website

Have you ever felt annoyed because your website appears weird in smartphone window? This is a proof that your website is less responsive. A website is called responsive if it works well when you access it through any device, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Consider designing UI and UX proportionally.

b. Pay attention on page speed

You must be feeling disappointed when a site takes a long time to load, especially when you don’t have much time for it. Well, the speed of loading in your website is also an important aspect. How can users enjoy your content if the speed of your website is low? You don’t want to ruin their mood for waiting too long.

c. Put social media share button to help users to share this content

Usually when users like your content, they will then recommend it on other channels they have. Add sharing features to social media to expand your reach. Remember, take advantage of the slightest gap. There’s a possibility that new customers will come through this feature.

d. Add call to action button to help user get into your product/services that you want to promote

On a more concrete scale, you can add an action button feature to help the customers immediately connect with you as soon as possible.

Unleash the power of content

Who would have thought that the content turned out to have tremendous long-term effects for the survival of your business? Here are the facts.

a. Content never sleeps,

Meaning the content will continue to work for you, day and night, even when you’ve forgotten it. You do not need to give a great effort to attract consumers, but rather consumers will find your content. And when your content answers the needs of potential customers, it doesn’t take long for them to change their status, from potential customers to your customers.

b. Affordable content production costs,

Compared to the costs of production in other marketing channels, the cost of producing content is relatively affordable. In addition, you can set yourself when the right time to create content, for example in your free time. The desired concept is also adjustable according to your business.

c. Content production,

You can educate and persuade users to buy your product in your own way. When users read your product details, and they are attracted to the product information that suits the users’ needs, then this will be the best marketing initiative compared to other marketing channels.

Content released publicly

You can educate and persuade users to buy your product in your own way. When users read your product details, and they are attracted to the product information that suits the users’ needs, then this will be the best marketing initiative compared to other marketing channels.

Content which is released publicly and online will have a higher chance to capture the needs of users, which ultimately ends up being revenue for your business. This is the most brilliant way to do business, especially in the digital era like the last three decades.

Reflecting on the facts outlined above, it can be concluded that content marketing is the most effective strategy for marketing your business. Don’t forget that the main components of content marketing are quality content and the role of SEO. If you plan to start using content as a marketing strategy for your business, start looking for collaborative partners who are experts in the fields of content creation and SEO. Content Marketing Labs (Cmlabs) recognize your company’s needs for this and is the right partner to work together in content marketing for the success of your business.

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