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Social signal is a measurement of social media activity, such as vote, share, or other engagement that search engines also consider as a factor affecting ranking algorithms.

Just like backlink, the number of votes and shares can be interpreted as endorsements for brands and content the web which also helps organic search rankings.

The Types of Social Signal

There are several types of social signals, namely:

  • Vote: Facebook likes, Google +1s, LinkedIn vote
  • Post: Posts on Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, and tweet in Twitter
  • Share: Share, repost, and retweet
  • Bookmark: Bookmark on sites like Delicious and Diigo
  • Comments: Comments on posts and tweets

The Value of Social Signal

The value of social signals is often equated with the value of backlinks to web content, but is actually different. Social signals "currency" are not measured in backlinks, rather in trust and authority.

When trusted and high-quality social media accounts interact or give a social signal to a web content, Google and Bing will use this data to get a clearer picture of the trust, popularity and authority of the web pages they share, links, and likes.

Other Function

Content optimization: Likes and shares from leading social media accounts will affect search results on SERP and also faster indexing.

Other Terms/Names

Sinyal sosial

Related Terms


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