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Definition of Google Analytic

Google analytic is a web analysis service offered by Google to analyze what is happening on the website, such as tracking and reporting a web traffic.

Advantages of Using Google Analytic for SEO

1. Free

Google analytic is a free tool that provides the same function as other paid tools do.

2. Discovering How a Visitor Finds the Site

Besides optimizing the keywords, Google analytic can also find the other keywords typed by the user to find the website owner. At the beginning, Google analytic may not have other keywords but as time goes by it will automatically collect more keywords.

3. Identifying Which Links Get the Most Click by the Users

Google analytic can tell which page and link get the most visited, and measure whether or not the optimization refers to the right page.

4. Discovering the Number of Visitors

Google analytic can show you the number of new visitors of the website from the optimization by the search engine.

5. Fixing a Website

Google analytic can tell the owner to fix a page that does not work well.

How to Increase Organic Traffic through Google Analytic

1. Get a Detailed Insight from Queries Report

An easy way to see a website performance is by creating Google Search Console account. By integrating the google search console account with google analytic, the user will get a more detailed insight about a page's search traffic.

2. Comprehend the Keywords through Queries Report

Keywords comprehending is the main part of a search engine optimization. It helps the users to know what they are looking for and increases sales and revenue.

3. Open Another Keyword Data by Creating a Profile Filter

Although it is not easy to know the other keyword data, the owner will be able to understand where the traffics refer to and whether or not you need to do it with another technique which is creating a profile filter.

4. Collect More Keyword Ideas through Keyword Planner

Users can utilize Google Keyword Planner to help them get the potential keyword. To engage more visitors, users must be able to know the right keyword combination.

5. Track the Keyword Data Using MonsterInsight

It can be done only by Yoast SEO plugin. The right keyword will attract the right visitors. By tracking a keyword performance, the owner can identify whether or not they engage the right traffic on every page.

6. Monitor the Traffic for Link Opportunities

If a website starts to get referral traffic to their site, the owner might want to monitor the link for link building opportunities.

7. Analyze Landing Page Reports to Increase Engagement

Analyzing organic page reports gives a clear overview about how a visitor engages in a site and how they navigate. The visitor engagement is a ranking factor. Monitoring engagement metric can increase the search rank.

8. Reduce Load Time by Analyzing Site Speed

The load speed of a site affects the visitor satisfaction on visiting a site, the business, and the rank on a search engine.

9. Manage Custom Alert

Through Google Analytic, users can manage custom alert to remind them to perform an action if there are significant changes in the Analytic report.

10. Manage Custom SEO Dashboard

A custom SEO dashboard gives you the preview of SEO statistics. Using custom dashboard will save your time and implement SEO hacks than analyzing SEO statistics.

Users can create a new custom SEO dashboard or import an existing one and make necessary tweaks for their unique needs.

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