What is Paid Search?

Definition of Paid Search

Paid Search is a form of digital marketing where search engines like Google and Bing allow advertisers to display advertisements on their search engine results pages (SERP) with certain keywords that direct the users to find the relatable offer.

Paid Search works on a pay-per-click model. This basically means that you do exactly that, and when someone clicks on your ad, you don’t need to pay.The aim is to increase the traffic and conversion rates, in which to achieve the highest return on investment per click.

One special aspect is that user activity is measurable, which makes it possible to set the ad budgets for certain keywords that are related with items sold, i.e. sales.

Ad formats include text ads, which are shown above or below the organic search results, or shopping ads that are shown above the search results.

The web resources are all things that can be identified, whether it is digital, physical and abstract. To put it simply, it is an online document.

Benefits of Paid Search

Every second. thousands of people access Google for information and solutions. This provides an opportunity for you to promote your business to an engaged audience that is actively seeking for products or services. 


Nowadays, Paid Search is often equated with Organic Search. Even though it has similar goals, both show the search results with different backgrounds or signs.

Organic Search is the listing on SERP (search engine result page) that appears because of relevant keywords, and the results are called Search Engine Optimization. There won’t be any ad sign displayed on the Organic Search.

Other Terms/Names

Pay Per Click

Paid Search Adversiting

Having the same meaning with Paid Search, those two terms above could be used in Google AdWords

Related Terms

Cost per Click

The average click cost.

Convertion Rate

The percentage of visitors that completes the conversions out of the total number of visitors. 


When users click on one of your ads.

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