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Definition of SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate is a digital data file that can create encrypted or secured websites automatically, so the data on the website can not be hacked and read by a hacker or irresponsible people. In short, SSL is a technology that functions to secure the data transmission process on the browser web.

The use of SSL on a website is very important; if SSL Certificate does not complete the website, Google will give the label “not secure” on the site. SSL Certificate is often mentioned as a digital certificate that labelling guaranteed security of a website in the processing of data transmission. When the webserver is installing SSL Certificate on the site, the padlocks and HTTPS protocol will be active, so the connection of the server to the browser is safer.

The Advantages of SSL Certificate

Increasing website rank on search engine

Starting in 2014, Google set websites that have SSL Certificates are more considered on search engines. Since then, websites have started to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. According to SEO experts, HTTPS has a significant role in website rank on search engines.

Google can impose penalties for websites which do not have SSL Certificates so that it can reduce website rank on the SERP. Besides, it is more potential to increase the rank on the search engine and make good imagery to the user, websites that have SSL Certificate are rated safer from various forms of cybercrime.

Encrypted Communication Data

SSL Certificate is essential to guarantee the data security on the website. If a website needs email, password, or other important information for login access, so the use of SSL is required.

If SSL does not complete the website, the data can be more easily hacked by hackers. The existence of an SSL Certificate can also convince the user that the data inputted on the website is safety guaranteed.

Asserting the Website Identity

The raise of data website stealing or other cybercrimes sometimes make the user doubt whether the data inputted on the website is safe or not. The existence of SSL Certificates on the website gives authentication on a website, so the reputation will be assured and can minimize the user's anxiety towards their data privacy.

The Types of SSL Certificate

Domain Validated Certificates

It is an SSL Certificate type that can be only used to protect a site in a domain. The protection guarantee is low and the encryption used is also quite minimalist. This certificate is usually used by a blog or a simple site that contains informative articles.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

It is a certificate that saves money for expenses since it can be used to keep dozens of domains with different subdomains at once. The use of Multi-Domain SSL Certificate will give access for the website owner to change, erase, and add Subject Alternative Name (SAN) based on the website needs.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

It is a certificate that can be used to preserve the main domain and many subdomains all at once. Using Wildcard SSL Certificates will be cheaper compared with a single certificate domain.

This certificate is suitable to be used by huge websites that have some subdomain inside. For example, website installs the Wildcard SSL Certificate, so the subdomain such as, will be automatically protected by SSL.

Extended Validation Certificates

It is the certificate type that has the best level of security. Although it needs more money to install it, the security of this SSL Certificate is not doubted. If a website installs an Extended Validation certificate, then the padlock icon, business name, HTTPS, and the name of the country will have a green colour on the address bar.

Organization Validated Certificates

It is a certificate type that is used to save the user sensitive information that users have during the transaction process. This certificate has a high-security guarantee. Websites that want to have Organization Validated Certificates must ensure the user data secrecy. The website owner should do a substantial validity process.

Unified Communication Certificates

It is an SSL Certificate that is used to protect some domains and subdomains at once. To use this certificate, it must be on the same hosting account. UCC Certificate is often mentioned as similar to the Multi-Domain Certificate since the procedure is almost the same. The use of a UCC certificate is marked by a padlock icon on the URL page.

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