CMLABS / SEO Terms What is Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Definition of Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-Through Rate (CTR) organic is the percentage of how many users click a link on a search engine. Click-Through Rate (CTR) organic are mostly based on the rank position, yet it also affected by the title tag result, description, URL, and the occurrence of Rich Snippet.

CTR Functions

1. More Click = More Traffic

In Click-Through Rate (CTR), the more users click a link or web page, the more traffics come from the users. Although the number of users is increased, it does not raise the rank of the web.

2. CTR is A Rank Signal on Search Engines

CTR on a web page has a connection with ranking on a search. A web page that has higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) than average can increase the web rank.

Ways to Increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) Organic

1. Optimize Title

Title Copywriting is a writing skill. However, there are some tips to increase CTR, which are:

  • Use emoticon wisely
  • Use list using numbers

2. Optimize Meta Description

A good Meta Description can increase the ratio of CTR so that it could increase the rank of a web. Meta Description must support the function of the displayed ads, and it should not contain any plagiarism in it.

3. Optimize URL

Optimizing URL can raise the rank of a website. Here ways to optimize URL on a website:

  • The easier it is for users to read, the better is the URL
  • Keywords in URL are good
  • The more descriptive the URL, the more chances of clicks will be got
    General URL:
    Descriptive URL:
  • Match the URL with the content title
  • Omit the unnecessary words
  • Omit the not-understandable punctuation
  • The fewer clues on URL, the better is the URL
  • Avoid the repetitive keywords

4. Optimize A Page That Has Low Click-Through Rate (CTR)

In order to know which page that has low CTR, a help from Google Search Console is needed. If you have already found the page, you have to prioritize the page that has low CTR to attract visitors.

5. Combine SEO Keyword with The Emotional Title

Creating emotional headline has proven to increase CTR and Conversion Rate. Emotional headline is very needed, and it makes the title stands out.

6. Increase The Metric of Other Users Contribution

Just like CTR, having a content contribution with other users, indeed, is very important. If the content on the website works well, there is a possibility that the rank will also increase. However, if the content is not good, it does not mean that there will be a penalty. Yet, the rank of the website will be the same.

7. Make Use of Ads on Social Media Maximally

Making use of social media in promoting ads is a good step, knowing that there are many social media users such as Facebook and Instagram. Promoting on social media will give more opportunities to get more CTR.

8. Use Brackets on Title Tag

Using brackets can increase the number of users who click almost 40%. For example: "Making Hisana French Fries [ step by step ]"

9. Include Number on Content Title

Using numbers on title also can increase the rank and Click-Through Rate (CTR) on a website. For example: "ROG Gaming Laptop (50% Off)"

10. Include Recent Year and Description

Including recent year on title means the information on a website is still relevant in which it makes users tend to click, so it can increase the CTR.

11. Use Table of Contents

Using table of contents on a website page will give a new experience for new users. Moreover, it also helps Google in understanding different parts on the page.

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