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Visit is a request from a visitor to visit a website page within a certain time.

Organic Visit

Organic visit refers to visitors who land on your website as the result of the non-payment or organic search. The visitors are considered as organic if they find a website using search engines such as Google or Bing. An organic visit is obtained from sites that are displayed as the result of the visitors' search on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Why is Organic Visit Important?

Organic visit is the most important type of visitor that can be obtained on a web page because it only answers what the visitors are looking for. The visitors type a query on search engines to find what they look for.

If owners can give solutions or answers to the visitors' questions, it is more possible to get visitors and rise Google's trust in a website page. The visitors believe that Google and the top-rank websites on Google is organically more trusted.

How to Increase the Organic Visit

Create A Blog for A Site or Online Shop

Blogging is the most effective way to increase the number of visitors and to get more traffics. By creating blog, Google will consider it relevant and give better place to the results of the search. High quality blog articles can attract visitors and change them to be consumers.

Active on Social Media

Connecting contents on social media can increase the number of visits significantly, as nowadays there are many users who use social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Pay Attention to The Design

Design on a website page has an effect on visitors. The more attractive a design on a website page, the more number of visitors the website will get.

The First Paragraph and Headlines

The first paragraph and the headline are very important. All elements on the page are optimized according to keywords. The first paragraph should contain important keywords and explain what users will find in the article. If within 10-15 seconds the users can find what they needs, it is possible to increase the number of visits on the website page.

Optimized Images

Most of e-commerce sites use images in marketing their products. Setting the right ALT Text for images using keywords can increase the number of visits on the products.

Title and Meta Description

Owners need to use keywords on the page in which the owners want to increase its rank through the title and the meta description so that the website will get more visits.

Referral Visit

Referral visit is an activity where in increasing the number of visits on a certain website page, the visitors do not come from the Google search engine, but they come from direct links on other websites or social media.

The Advantages of Referral Visit

Referral Visit is also useful for SEO, because it gives various types of visitors who find relevant information so that it increases the visitors' trust in the websites. The advantages of Referral Visit are as follows:

• Increase the number of visits and brand recognition
• Get diverse visitors
• Increase the website rank
• Increase page and domain authority

1. Making Use of Social Media

Marketing the business on social media can increase the number of referral visit, as nowadays there are many social media users.

2. Actively Giving Comments on Blog

Giving comments on articles on blogs is potential to increase the number of referral visits, if you know how to do it correctly. Users must give relevant comments to the topic being discussed and also put the link of the website after giving the comments.

3. Actively Participate in The Following Forum

By actively participate in a certain forum, users could extend their connection with other users so that it can attract visits from the followed forum.

4. Use Unique Design on Contents

Users have to be creative in creating contents, because the more unique and creative the contents, the more visitors' attentions that website owners will get. This can increase the referral visit of the websites.

Related Terms

Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is a visit that does not come from the search engines Google, but from the direct link on another website.

Organic Search

Organic search is one of the marketing channels with a lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate (CTR) organic is the percentage of how many users click a link on search engines

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