What is HTML

Definition of HTML

Hypertext Markup Language or abbreviated as HTML is a standard markup language to create a web page.

In a simple simulation, a browser receives a HTML document from the web server or local storage, then it will run a document rendering to the multimedia web

HTML will portray the web-page structure in a semantic way and accounted for the early “sign” for the document interface.

It is important for a beginner to know that the HTML element is a block for the HTML page builder. What is an HTML page builder?

With the construction of HTML block, image, text, and other HTML objects can be inserted into a page. These elements also supply a facility to create documents or structured-text such as post, paragraph, list, link, cite, or another tag.

Sample of HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>This is a title</title>
    <p>Hello world!</p>

HTML Version

HTML 2 - November 24, 1995

HTML 3 - Januari 14, 1997

HTML 4 - Desember 18, 1997

HTML 5 - Oktober 28, 2014

Important note: every HTML version above has its sub-version, such as 4,0 and 4,1. We only summarize the main version.

Related Terms


It is important to note that HTTP is used to present images, sounds, and other contents except HTML.


In the early 20 century, there was a community proposed an update for HTM to be WHATWG.

Semantic HTML

The word semantic refers to the right interpretation of the words or sentences mean. So, what is Semantic HTML??

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