What is CACHE

Definition of Cache

Cache is a temporary storage area where a website stores the newly executed computational data or other data duplication that is useful for serving faster future requests. It allows you to reuse the previously retrieved data.

Function of Cache

The function of cache is to serve faster requests in the future since the computer does not need to download the data each time it runs the command.

This is because the computer does not need to retrieve the elements to run the command, it only takes the cache stored in memory, and that increases the speed of execution.

Types of Caches

Memory Cache

Memory cache  is a portion of memory created with high-speed static RAM (SRAM). This type of cache is more effective because most programs access the same data or commands repeatedly.

Disk Cache

Disks and RAM cache have similar working mechanisms. Originally, disk cache has a larger capacity compared to memory cache, yet, instead of high-speed static, disk cache uses slower dynamic RAM (DRAM).

Web Cache

Web cache is commonly used in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Every time you open a web page, the browser will automatically store the Web documents, such as HTML, CSS style sheets, JavaScript, images, etc. on the disk. The cache is stored with a purpose for a faster process when the user reopens the web page.


It is common for cache to be paired up with cookies. People commonly confuse the two, assuming both things are the same. Better to keep in mind that cache and cookies are separated from each other.

Cookies store information and data such as usernames or passwords, meanwhile cache stores the files such as images or audio.

Cache and cookies are both temporary storage that are beneficial to save users’ resources and time.

Related Terms


A Buffer is a memory storage that stores data when the data is transferred between two devices.

File Size

The file size is the size of a file that affects the access speed. The larger the file size is, the slower it takes.

Page Speed

The term used to measure the speed of a website to load.

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