What is CSS

Definition of CSS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a programming language design in which the function is to simplify the process of website creation.

CSS is used to design the homepage or front end interface on the website.

Compared to other programming languages such as HTML and PHP, CSS has more various options. You can set the font style, text color, column size, line spacing, and also designing the layout.


CSS is closely related to HTML. CSS is a code series that is used to design the HTML page.

CSS helps web designers to change the text format (style, size, and color), insert image, and change the HTML background.

Function of CSS

HTML is not developed to design the website homepage. Thus, CSS takes this role.

CSS function is to design, shape, and change the interface of the webpagewebsite. CSS can work and be applied through the HTML tag.

Using CSS, a simple HTML tag can be changed so the previous website interface can be more interesting and efficient.

CSS Benefits

  1. Design the HTML page faster.
  2. Load the page faster.
  3. Able to change the interface of any pages easier and faster.
  4. More variety than HTML.
  5. Compatible for various devices.

Related Terms

Inline CSS

Inline CSS is a CSS placement that is directly done in HTML content.

External CSS

It is used to declare most of the website interface settings as a whole.

Internal CSS

It is almost the same with inline CSS but the line of HTML code is written at the header of HTML files.

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