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Definition of Site Speed

Site Speed reports how quickly users are able to see and interact with content. The speed is varied with the type of browser used and the country.

Measurement Aspects for Site Speed

The Site Speed reports measure three aspects of latency:

  • Page-load time for a sample of pageviews on your site. You can view the data across different dimensions to see how quickly your pages loaded from a variety of perspectives (e.g., in different browsers, in different countries). Data is available in the Page Timings report.
  • Execution speed or load time of any discrete hit, event, or user interaction that you want to track (e.g., how quickly images load, response time to button clicks). Data is available in the User Timings report.
  • How quickly the browser parses the document and makes it available for user interaction. No additional configuration is required to see this data. Data is available in the Page Timings report, on the DOM Timings subtabs.

How to Check Your Site Speed

No need to change the tracking code to see Timing report and Site Speed. The Users Timing report requires additional setting.

To check a Site Speed, follow the instructions on Google Developer’s Guide.

  1. To see the Site Speed reports:
  2. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  3. Navigate to your view.
  4. Open Reports.
  5. Select Behavior > Site Speed.

Other Terms/Names

page speed

load speed

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