We see so much enthusiasm for beginners in exploring SEO. Of course, being a beginner is an initial phase that needs to be passed before becoming an expert. Here you will open a the passage to all the things you need to know about the SEO terms.

Our team continues to compile and add new terms that are known throughout the official SEO and Google terminology community.

Consisting of more than 50 terms and definitions related to SEO (and will continue to grow), this is an SEO dictionary that will be very useful for beginners and intermediate levels.

With the addition of definitions and other information related to SEO every day, this dictionary will grow even bigger. So, if you are looking for certain phrases/terms, use the Table of Contents below.

SEO Terms Table of Content


A beginner in SEO

These SEO Terms is relevant even to beginner SEO Specialists. The comprehensive terminologies we provide here will assist you in conducting an enterprise-level analysis as well as decision making.


Marketer, or marketing lead, is undoubtedly responsible to understand marketing-related metrics as well marketing channel, and how they can elevate the traffic that converts and produce sales

Business Owners / Enterprise

Business owners are required to comprehend many things, especially marketing-related matters. Since final outcome is vital in marketing, conducting data analysis becomes a must. Because it will be useful to understand our market position and competitor.

SEO Experts

To this day, SEO is a branch of marketing method that has the most complex metrics than any other marketing channel. So that, many of us still need SEO glossary as a great reference to avoid misconception.

Content Writer and Copy Writer

Both content writer and copywriters todays are expected to understand, at least, the basic of SEO marketing. This content then is composed to give a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of SEO.

SEO Terms Alphabetical Order


Algorithm Update

One of the sexiest terms in SEO is algorithm update. But is it really relatable to SEO?

Alt Tag

Alt Text (Alternative text) or alt attributes oralt tagis HTML code to describe the function of a picture on a web page.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is a text that can be clicked in a hyperlink used to connect one page to the other pages.


AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source framework used to make a page faster in mobile devices.


Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a metric that measures the percentage of visitors who "land" on your website and do nothing on the page.


In SEO activity Backlink is considered as 'gray-area'. But why is it so?

Broken Link

Broken link or dead links are links on web pages that no longer function due to problems.


Bug is a problem in hardware or software which results in an error.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer consumption or the maximum capacity of a communication line that functions to transmit data.


Breadcrumb is an element of a website that functions as an indication of the specific position or location of a page on the website.



Cache is not only significant to website, but also important for both user experience and search engine.


Today, CSS and HTML is always hand-in-hand. Web developers are required to master both of them.


One of the metrics elements called Click is vital for your website. That term often appears in SEO tools as well.

Cost per Click

The term cost per click (CPC) is relevant to SEM. What is exactly CPC and how does it function on a website?


Cookie is a small file, containing characters and numbers stored on a user'computer while user is accessing web page on the internet.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is the percentage of the number of visitors who complete the desired goal (making conversion) on a site.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-Through Rate (CTR) organic is the percentage of how many users click a link on search engines


Crawl (or spidering) is a process of indexing search engines sending robot (crawler or spider) to find a new web content.



When we are in SEO-campaign and try to earn backlink, we have to be familiar with do-follow tag. But how it functions?

Dwell Time

Dwell time , is the actual amount of time a visitor spends on a site's page before returning to the search results on SERP.


Domain name (or domain) is the name of the website. It is the name that appears after "@" in the email address, or after "www." at the web address.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a reference for a search engine in ranking websites.

Disavow Link

Disavow Link is a tool that functions to reject a link that direct into a website, in short it is useful for rejecting backlinks.


Exact Match Keyword

Exact match keyword is a keyword type that provides results regarding the demand of search in detail and focused.


EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, dan Trustworthiness) is used to measure how big Google puts its trust on a certain brand.

A 502 Bad Gateway Error

502 Bad Gateway is an error that occurs when a proxy server receives an invalid response from the inbound server.


Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet is a preview on the top rank of search engines that has a function to answer questions from users.



Google LLC is an America multinational technology company that specializes in Internet services and products.

Google Analytic

Google analytic is a web analysis service offered by Google to analyze what is happening on the website, such as tracking and reporting a web traffic.


Github is a work platform that uses source code management (SCM), which developers use for the work assignation.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool from google that is useful for website owners use to monitor and optimize website performance.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a platform owned by Google with the function of managing or displaying business PPC ads on the website.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a Google product that functions to display popular topics or keywords.

Google PageRank

Google PageRank is a ranking system on search engines like Google to determine which websites are currently popular.



HTML is the core task of SEO activity. SEO specialists are strongly responsible to master this markup language


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a computer protocol system that help users to communicate using data on WWW.


Hosting is a medium for storing all data related to a website to make it accessible and manageable by the internet.



An SEO specialist has to provide methods to boost impression. Therefore, what is actually impression in SEO?

Inbound Link

Inbound link or also known as Backlink is a link from external domain that refers to our website.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a medium for storing all data related to a website to make it accessible and manageable by the internet.



JavaScript JavaScript is a programming language used by developers to make website pages more dynamic and interactive.


JSON-LD is a markup schema that functions as a method for adding structured data to web pages.



In SEO, 'keyword' and 'demand' also widely used. But what exactly keyword is and why is it important?

Keyword Density

Online content writers have to wisely consider in their writings. Why is it so? Understand more here.


KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is used to assess quantitatively how far a certain project has reached an important goal.


Long Tail Keyword

Good keyword is not always short. Long tail keyword is also considered as a high-quality keyword that appears in the form of phrase.

Landing page

Landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for marketing or advertising campaigns.

LSI Keyword

LSI keyword stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keyword is a keyword that systematically connected to the main keyword.


Linkbait is content creation process that is designed to attract backlink, also to help increasing the rank of a website on Google.


Meta Description

User impression on Google can be earned from meta description and website title tag. Find the tools, tag and its recommended length, here.

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix is a collection of marketing variables commonly used by companies to meet sales targets.



Besides do-follow, in SEO we also have nofollow which is also important. Click it to understand its function and when it should be applied.


Noopener or Rail Noopener is an HTML attribute that limits information to the destination website by opening it in a new tab.


Organic Search

Organic search is one of the marketing channels with a lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).



In SEO, we have to be familiar with permalink. This topic is relatable to URL. Here is the definition and how it functions.

Paid Search

Paid Search is a paid digital marketing by showing ads on search engines such as Google and Bing.


PBN (Private Blog Network) is a website network used for backlink with a purpose to manipulate the top rank on Google.


PWA or Progressive Web Application is a software creation method that combines regular websites, mobile and desktop applications.

PageSpeed Insight

PageSpeed Insight is a free Google-owned tool that contains reports on the performance of a page or website page


Pixel in SEO it refers to the number of pixels between the user's website position in the search results (SERP) and the top of the page.



Query is an ability to show data from database in the form of information that users want to write in a certain format.



Robots.txt is a file that is used by crawlers on your web pages to find out which files are allowed and not allowed to be visited.

Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is a visit that does not come from the search engines Google, but from the direct link on another website.


Semantic HTML

Semantic HTML. Although this term is widely used, some people still consider it as a segmented and difficult term.

Site Speed

Site Speed is a website loading time from when users click the link until they can see and interact with the content inside it.

Social Signal

Social signal is a measure of social media activity, such as vote, share, or other engagement.


Snippet is a feature on search engines Google that has a function to filter the information accurately.


SERP is a place where keywords that user inputs are displayed on. SERP contains related information in response to the specific query by a user.


Spam, also known as spamdexing, is an attempt to excessively manipulate the search index to increase rank.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is a technology that serves to secure the data transmission process in a web browser.


Server is a computer system with specific service provider functions that functions of running and controlling the software.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the SEO tools to help find any damage or problems on the website.


Title tag

Title tag is both significant and intention-grabbing element in SERP. Title tag has to fulfill a certain length.



URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator that has a function as a reference to the web resource.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface (UI) is a room where the interaction between computer and human using all the interactive components happens.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) is a process used to create a product that provides interesting experience for users.

is someone who is using, benefiting something or certain sources. In SEO, a user has a similar meaning to a visitor.



Visit is a request from a visitor to visit a website page within a certain time.



In the early 20th Century, a community proposed WHATWG to elevate HTML.

Web Crawler

Web crawler, spiders, or search engine bots are tasked to download and index content from all over the Internet.


The term 'WWW' refers to several meaning, including: World Wide Web, Waring Wera Wanua, and 'the Web'. But what is exactly WWW?

WP Plugin

WP Plugin is an application that allows users to add new features and functions to a WordPress website.


WooCommerce is a plugin used for the WordPress platform with the function of creating an online store or e-commerce site.


XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is a file that provides search engines with detailed information on all pages of the owners' website to search engines, in which the information can be accessed by all internet users.



YMYL is a website page offering health, happiness, financial, and safety products or services.


Yandex is the biggest search engine from Rusia that becomes a major competitor for Google company.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that serves to maximize the performance of a website from SEO point of view.


A-Z Terms

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