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10x Content

Last updated: Jan 19, 2023

What is 10x Content?

10x Content is a term used in content marketing to describe content that must be 10 times better than content that ranks in the SERPs for certain keywords.

The term was originally coined by Rand Fishkin from Moz in 2015 in an episode of "Whiteboard Friday". Fishkin put forward this strategy after he realized that the content market is very competitive.

If you want your website to be at the top of the SERP, then you need to present much better content than before.

Such content not only refers to written articles but also to content in the form of videos and others. This type of content has a fairly high probability of ranking higher in search engines on certain topics or keywords.

The Benefits of 10x Content

The concept of 10x Content is arguably quite important because it can encourage you to focus on content quality and user experience, not just quantity or an SEO strategy. Google has an algorithm that focuses on page value rather than just keywords and link building.

When you use this content strategy, it means that you have a goal that goes beyond winning SERP rankings. This strategy will help you focus on creating better content than your website competitors.

That way, you can serve better-quality content to users. It is also a manageable strategy to create a positive impression of your business, thus encouraging users to return to visit your website at a later time.

Best Practices for Creating 10x Content

You now need to know what the best practices are for creating this content. Check out the following explanation:

1. Make Your Website and Content Stand Out

Based on research conducted by Microsoft in 2015, it is a fact that the average user has an attention span of 8 seconds on a website in search engine results. Therefore, you need to provide a website with good appearance and content.

Today, most users prefer clean, modern web designs. Old web design will not only create an unattractive impression, but users may think that your website is no longer active.

Include titles, short paragraphs, and bullet points to make your content easier to read. Don't forget to optimize your website navigation elements, because the user experience is an important aspect.

2. Authority

One of the simplest ways to demonstrate authority in your content is to display author profiles for each piece of content. Users need to know that the content was written by someone who is an expert in writing.

Another effective way to demonstrate authority is to add statistics and information from research studies. If you don't feel good at writing content, consider interviewing an expert, or using a content writing service for your website.

3. Unique Angles

To create such content, try developing your own point of view. For example, your company wants to offer website development services and target HTML-related keywords.

All content that has been ranked in the SERP focuses on HTML programming without including a discussion on how to optimize the appearance of the website.

To create content that is ten times better in quality, you can add special information, such as combining HTML and CSS code to optimize the appearance of the website. This can help your website have a more unique angle than its competitors.



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