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Intro to cmlabs SEO Terms

Last updated: Jan 25, 2023

Disclaimer: Our team is constantly compiling and adding new terms that are known throughout the SEO community and Google terminology. You may be sent through SEO Terms in cmlabs.co from third parties or links. Such external links are not investigated, or checked for accuracy and reliability by us. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites.

Initially, our SEO Terms were made for internal company consumption. The dictionary content we have is increasing. SEO terms that we make in Indonesian are a requirement for every new joiner to be studied properly. One of the cmlabs team asked a question, why don't we just make this content public? Will help the employee onboarding process.

Long story short, finally in May 2020, we launched the CMLABS SEO Terms to the public. We don't implement specific targets for the pages we release. Our big hope is that this content is studied and continuously enhanced, especially by the cmlabs team.

We see a lot of enthusiasm for SEO newcomers. Of course, being a newcomer is an initial phase that needs to be passed before becoming an expert. Here you will open a shortcut to everything you need to know about the term SEO.

Consisting of over 50 SEO-related terms and definitions, this is an SEO dictionary that will be very useful for both newcomers and intermediate levels. With the addition of definitions and other information related to SEO every day, this dictionary will increase even more. So, if you are looking for a specific phrase/term then use the cmlabs SEO Terms here.

This dictionary is relevant for those of you who work as SEO specialists at the entry-level. The terms in the SEO Dictionary will help the analysis process to decision making at the enterprise level.

Aside from SEO specialists at the entry-level, this SEO dictionary is also useful for several other worker fields such as marketers, SEO experts, business/company owners, also content and copywriters. As we know, SEO optimization is currently a hot topic discussed as a way to optimize a website. Read more about SEO from cmlabs here.

As marketing, including marketing leads, you are required to understand metrics and how the marketing channels within the company generate visits, conversions, to sales. But of course, before getting it all, you have to understand the terms first.

To this day, SEO is a marketing job that has the most complicated metrics of all channel marketing. So even though we are SEO experts, we still need a dictionary to help remember and avoid mistakes incomprehension.

As a business owner, you must know many things, especially how marketing work. In marketing, results come first. So you must do data analysis at any time to know where your brand and competitors are. Again, to analyze the data, you certainly need to know the terms that will appear before, this is an attempt to avoid mistakes.

Today, content writing and copywriting are required to be able to master at least the basic knowledge of SEO marketing. To make it easier for you to learn SEO as a content/copywriter, this dictionary will help you understand each field more deeply.

We hope this content is helpful for all readers, especially those at the Junior SEO Specialist and Content Writer levels. Thank you!

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