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Definition of Pixel

Pixel in SEO refers to the amount of pixels between the users’ website position in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and the top of the page. The purpose is to have the lowest pixel position to ensure that the user web page is closer to the top page. Therefore, it will have better visibility on the SERP. The number of standard pixels that form an area for loading the article on the desktop is 800 pixels and 400 pixels for mobile.

Why Is Pixel Important in SEO?

Having a high ranking on the search engine doesn't always mean having good visibility. The user can see how many pixel positions of their website page on the search engine. If the user web page has a pixel position of more than 800 pixels, it indicates that the user web page is far from the SERP range and will influence the website visibility. 

How The Pixel Works

When a pixel is embedded in the HTML code, it will give the advertiser the ability to track the users by placing them on a particular page. Every time the user loads the page that consists of pixels, it will also load those pixels. It sends a request to the server by transmitting any information included in the pixel that is usually called “shooting”.

Why Is The Larger Pixel Rank Not Good?

The user wants the fast answer and doesn’t want to scroll down on the search engine to find out the answer that they want. Therefore, if the website page isn’t placed on the top of the page, the site owner will get larger numbers of pixels on the search engine so that the users should scroll down to find the site that isn’t ideal.

Factors That Affect The Pixel Rank

Feature and SERP

Providing the most relevant answer for the users’ questions means that Google presents an easy format to be used, such as PPC advertisement, picture, map, frequently asked questions, etc. This format tends to affect the organic pixel website rank because the result tends to occupy a significant part from the top of the page.

Screen Size

Although the standard size of the visible part on the desktop is 800 pixels, the user needs to know that the best pixel rank is under 800 and it can be said on the top position. Pixel rank is influenced by the numbers of pixels that make up the layer, so that the website page developer must ensure that the pixel rank used is suitable for any device.


Basically, a pixel has another meaning in the implementation. Here are several definitions of the pixel:

  • Pixel is a small part of images or digital graphics that is displayed and represented on a digital display device.
  • Pixel is a basic of the digital graphic. Pixel is combined to form a picture, video, complete text, or any visible things on the computer screen.
  • Pixel is a basic building block from picture or digital display and it is made using geometric coordinates. 
  • Pixel is important information about how the consumer interacts with advertising and marketing.

Each pixel has a unique logic address that has eight-bit or more size and most of the devices have the ability to project millions of colors. The spread of pixel resolution also determines the display quality. The more pixels on the monitor screen is, the better the picture result they have.

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