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Definition of PageSpeed Insight

PageSpeed Insight is a Google-free tools that contain page or website page performance reports that can be used by mobile and dekstop devices.

PageSpeed Insight is not only a performance website observer tool but also gives recommendations on how to increase website performance appropriately. Speed score is used as a performance indicator by PageSpeed Insight in measuring website performance.

The website performance will be scored by 0 until 100 if the score is high, the performance is good and vice versa. These tools can give a recommendation about optimizing a website based on the score that it has.

The use of PageSpeed Insight also makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness level of website performance to minimize the possibility of slow down. It is easy to use these tools, first open the Google PageSpeed Insight page, and then enter the link or website address.

Next, there will appear some points of web page analysis results based on data that has been gained. By the analysis result, the website performance optimization process will be easy to be done. 

The Effects of Speed on Website Performance

Besides interesting content and interface design, the access speed is also one factor that should be noticed to make a user stay for a long time when accessing the web. If the web has slow access speed, many users will not be interested and cancel their visits to the web.

Based on research, the user has a tendency to cancel the web access if it has to wait more than 3 seconds. Besides, it influences web performance; speed also influences the web rank on the search engines.

So, the use of PageSpeed Insight tools is expected to help the web to increase the access speed so that the expectation, interest, and user impression will be better.

The Functions of PageSpeed Insight Usage

  1. Simplifying the website access process
  2. Increasing user impressions and expectations
  3. Making the user stay longer while accessing or visiting a web page
  4. Increasing web rank on search engine
  5. Make it easy to optimize website performance
  6. Increasing good access speed for the user

Tips on Getting PageSpeed Insight High Score

1. The Use of Website Caching

The browser caching system works to save the data on the previous page that has been accessed by the user, so if the website page is accessed again, the user does not need to send a request on the server to display the data on the page. It can shorten the time so that web page data can quickly appear.

2. Optimizing Website Picture

The size of the picture on a website has an effect on web performance itself. Optimizing can be done by compressing the pictures that will be uploaded and ensuring that the size is smaller, but the picture quality is still good.

3. Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Minify is the removal of characters which is not needed in a code during the execution process. The display quality on the website page will not change, although CSS data code, HTML, and JavaScript that are not important or recur have been deleted.

How to Read PageSpeed Insight Analysis

  1. Lab Data
  • Speed Index can show the speed of a website is displaying a content page clearly. The lower the speed index score, the better the web performance.
  • First Contentful Paint is the first time an image or text appears.
  • Estimated Input Latency shows the duration of a web in responding entered input.
  • First CPU Idle is the first time a web page is able to input
  • Time To Interactive is the first time a web page can be interactive perfectly.
  • First Meaningful Paint is an index that measures the appearance of the main content of a website page
  1. Opportunities

It shows something that need to be done to optimize the speed of website performance

  1. Diagnostics

Explanation about the detail of website performance

  1. Passed Audits

Shows the steps which have been successful during the increasing website performance process

  1. Origin Summary and Data Field

It is a speed score that can be counted based on First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID). First Contentful Paint (FCP) is the first time an image or text appeared, whereas First Input Delay (FID) is the time interval required by the website to respond the user’s first interaction.

If FCP and FID score is high, the website is relatively fast. If one of them has a low score, the website is relatively slow. 

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User Interface (UI)

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Google LLC is an America multinational technology company that specializes in Internet services and products.

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