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Dwell time is the actual amount of time a visitor spends on a site's page before returning to the search results on SERP.

In theory, the longer dwell time the better it is, because it means the visitor enjoys the most parts or all content on the page before returning back to the SERP or performing another action on that site.


The function of this metric is to measure how long a visitor stays on your site. It also can be used to estimate how relevant your content to the topics or questions they are looking for. Through dwell time, you can see whether or not your content is interesting.

The time showed in dwell time indicates how long a visitor interacts with the content on your page.

Other Terms/Names

Time spent on website

Engagement time

How to Increase Dwell Time

  1. Produce a Better Content

A good content must be: useful (educative), entertaining (amusing, unusual, surprising), accessible (creative and interactive design). It could be in a post for a blog, infographic, or video.

2. Gunakan Internal Linking yang Kuat dan Logis

3. Pakai Taktik Engagement yang Lebih Bagus

To make the visitors spend lots of time on a website, give them some content recommendations with related topics.

4. Gunakan Desain Web Scrolling ‘Pageless’

Teknik lain yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk menaikkan waktu user di suatu laman adalah menggunakan desain “tanpa halaman” atau sistem scrolling di halaman web Anda.

The Relation Between Dwell Time and Bounce Rate

Jika semakin tinggi waktu yang dihabiskan user di laman tertentu artinya kualitas laman semakin bagus, kebalikannya, jika bounce rate tinggi berarti kualitas laman jelek. Bounce rate adalah kebalikan dari dwell time, yaitu non-engagement time that a visitor spends on a page, which is the opposite of dwell time.

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