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Definition of Server

Server is a system on computers that has specific service providers function. It has a role to run the software to control any access towards the resource and the networks on it, such as a printer and providing access to the other network of workstation’s members.

The server is supported by a processor and large RAM, which is equipped with a specific operating system, or it is usually called a networking operating system.

How The Server Works

A server works based on the client's request. For example, you will access information from the website; when you are typing a website address on a browser, it means the computer works as a client who requests some information to the web server. Then, the web server will transmit the desired website information to the computer to access the content of the website.

In general, each server works by carrying out its functions and tasks. It starts by serving a client's data request and giving protection to the client's computer. Each server has different functions and tasks; hence what is served is also different.

A computer should have excellent and high specifications. It is due to handling the massive data traffic capacity. While in an operating system, a computer server has to use a specific operating system, for instance, Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows Server.

The Server Function

Data Server

It is used to store various data, both processed data and data that has been processed into information.

Proxy Server

The function is to organize the traffic on a network through the proxy settings.

Application Server

It is used for storing various applications that can be applied and accessed by the clients.

Types of Server

Mail server

Mail server is used among users to exchange messages by using mail protocol, which is suitable for a file containing text, image, or video based on the web client used.

Media Server

It is used for sharing audio or video in a network that uses streaming media. It works by transmitting the created content to be watched and listened to by the users. The devices that are needed as media is monitor and speaker as the audio.

File Server

It has a function in giving the disk location access, such as a file, video, database, or document. This server is designed to facilitate the users in storing or picking up the data through the workstation.

Game Server

The role of a game server is very important because it allows multiplayer in a game. Moreover, it facilitates the game players and gives a better experience while playing the game.

Catalog Server

Catalog server has a role in maintaining an index or a list of information that can be found in a large network.

Database Server

The database server has a function to share and maintain every organized data by using the property that has been shown in a table over a network.

Virtual Server

Every software and hardware needs connection with another virtual server. It is specific software, or it is usually called a Hyper supervisor. The Hyper supervisor presents visual hardware as if the device that is used is a real device.

Web Server

The function is a computer program that runs on a web browser; it facilitates the users to utilize and access it.

Proxy Server

The proxy server acts as a medium in traffic, which happens between the user as the sender and the browser as the receiver. The functions are controlling and filtering every content, ensuring the optimization of the traffic and preventing the access of forbidden networks.

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