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Definition of Github

Github Github is an American multinational company that provides hosting or a place to develop software and control versions that use Git. Github offers a distributed control version and function of source code management (SCM) from Git that makes the developers easier to develop their projects.

Github offers professional services for free. By January 2019, Github offers an unlimited personal repository for all packages, including a free account, but it only allows three maximum collaborators for each repository if using a free package. By January 2020, this platform reported that it has more than 40 million users and more than 100 million repositories, where making Github as the biggest source code host in the world.

The Advantages of Using Github

Make Other People Easy to Contribute to Open Source Project

Almost every open source project uses GitHub to manage a project. The user can use Github for free by enclosing an open-source project where it can make other users get involved or contribute to the progress that has been made. 

It is Easier to Get Documentations

By using Github, it will be easier for the other users to get better-made project documentations. 

Could Exhibit The Works/Projects

Github can be used by users to exhibit the projects or works that have been made to attract job recruiters. Now, when a company is looking for new recruits to fill a part in their business, most of them will look at the profile of new recruits from their GitHub profile. 

It Can Use Markdown

Markdown enables the user to use a simple text editor to write a document that has various formats. Github has revolutionized writing by distributing all using Markdown, so many other programming languages to learn. It is very useful if the user’s content can be inputted in a format without learning a new system.

It Can Publish Works or Projects in General

Github is a repository that has a function to publish a work or project in front of the public. Nowadays, Github is one of the largest coding communities in the world.

Knowing the Difference of Code in Various Versions

When many people collaborate on a project, it is difficult to know who does the revision and changes. Github can deal with the problem by tracking all of the changes that have been uploaded to the repository. The user can see the version code history that has been changed, so the previous version will not be lost.

It Can Integrate With Other Platform

Github can integrate among platforms such as Amazon and Google Could. Having Services such as Code Climate to track feedback by users. Besides, it can highlight the Syntax of more than 200 different programming languages.

Github Services

Projects in Github can be accessed and managed using standard Git Command-Line Interface; also allows users to browse public repositories. Everyone can browse and download repositories that are in public, but only the users who are registered that only contribute content to the repository.

Github Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is a version that is self-managed with a similar function.

Github page

It is a static hosting web service that has been provided by a web platform since 2008 to Github users to host their blog or to document a user's project. All contents on the GitHub page are saved in the Git repository.


Github also operates other services: Pastebin style site, namely Gist to host the code snippet. 

Education Program

GitHub launched a new program that is called the GitHub Student Developer Pack to give students access for free to the tools and popular developed services.

Github Marketplace Service

Github also provides some software as integrated services to add additional features to the project. The services are:

  • It is a management project for the software team
  • Rollbar: the service functions to integrate with Github to provide real-time debugging tools and complete exception reporting
  • Codebeat: For analyzing automatic code which specialized in developing web and cellular
  • Travis CI: To give trust in the application while doing testing and shipping
  • GitLocalize: Developed to the team who translate their content from one point to the other points.

Github Sponsors

Github sponsors enable the user to give monthly monetary donations to the projects hosted on this platform.

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