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Broken link or dead link is a link in a web that has no longer function due to one or more reasons below:

Reasons Why Broken Link Occurs

  • The wrong URL added by owners of the web.
  • Destination web has deleted destination web page (that makes problem known as 404 error occurs).
  • Destination website or web page is moved permanently or no longer active.
  • User has software or is behind firewall that blocks the access to the destination website.
  • Site owner provides backlink to the site behind the firewall that does not allow any access from outside.

Broken link can be a problem for website visitors, so they cannot access information that they want. These visitors eventually decide to use another website to find the information that they need. The site that has not been updated or checked for a quite long time can be a broken link or dead link.

Other Terms

dead link

rotten link

How to Deal with Broken Link

  • Check the error on Google Crawl
  • Avoid linking to content that is far from the website, except it is needed.
  • If the link is an external link, open the website that has an authority to that link and ask for improvement.
  • The use of redirect transition.
  • Remake and change the content in the broken URL.
  • Doing redirect (301) from the broken page to another relevant page on your website.

Related Terms


Permalink stands for Permanent Link that contains link address of your website.


Web page contains hyperlink to other pages and probably to the downloadable file, or other resources.

Inbound Link

Inbound link or also known as Backlink is a link from external domain that refers to our website.

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