What is Click

What is Click?

Click is a condition where a user presses a link on SERP which leads to your site. The number of clicks will be beneficial for your site optimization. It is even possible for them to be profitable as well. Not only on SERP, but clicks can also be counted on dofollow backlinks.

Function of Clicks

Function of Click as your site’s PageRank enhancer. The more clicks you get, the more users visit your site, making it easier to improve your site rank.

Clicks on SEO

A SEO expert will try to drive more traffic referring to impressions and clicks. You can see both the traffic and clicks report for website on Google Search Console 

According to KBBI

Click is an activity involving pressing and releasing a button.

Related Terms


SERP is a place where keywords that user inputs are displayed on. SERP contains related information in response to the specific query by a user.

Long Tail

Long tail Keyword is a series of keywords consisting of 3 to 7 words along with the information a user is looking for.


Clicks can be obtained from the total number of users pressing a link or backlink dofollow to your website

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