What is NoFollow

What is Nofollow?

No follow is a tag on HTML markup language aimed at preventing or a sign to not allow Google to count the link attached to the anchor text. Nofollow tag tag is a part of backlinks. Nofollow tag can always be activated by adding a tag on your page’s edit source code.

Function of Nofollow

The Function of Nofollow is to prevent Google from influencing the ranking on Page Rank. In addition, it also functions as a prevention from getting a “penalty” from Google because you have already attached a conditioned or low-quality link.

Nofollow also functions as spam prevention which affects your site’s rank.

Example of Nofollow Dofollow

There are two types of em>backlink, nofollow and dofollow. Both can be clicked and led to the target site.

Example of nofollow backlink code:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Kamus SEO</a>

Example of dofollow backlink code:

<a href="">Kamus SEO</a>

Related Terms


Contrary to nofollow, Dofollow is quite essential for site and rank optimization


Page Rank is the rank you get on the SERP with the relevant keywords.


Backlink are a link from one website to another. Backline is a part of SEO.

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