What is Keyword

What is a keyword?

Keyword is the word typed by users on a search engine to search information.Keywords may contain a word or even a sentence. Keywords can also be typed not only on search engines but also on other sites, media, and applications that have a search bar, like instagram, twitter, and any other sites.

Function of Keyword

The function of keyword as a command on search engines to give results that you search. However, in the field of SEO, it functions to target market, theme, and topics that will be built.

Keyword Tools

There are 15 keyword tools that you can use to search keyword preferences:
1. Google Keyword Planner
2. Google Trend
3. Ubersuggest Neil Patel
4. Ahrefs
5. Keyword Generator
6. Keyword Sheeter
7. Answer the Public
8. Bulk Keyword Generator
9. Questiondb
10. Keyword Surfer
11. LSI Keyword
12. WordTracker
13. Word Stream
14. KW Finder
15. Google Search Console

The above tools can be searched with Google. Moreover, you can use suggestions from search engines when looking for targeted keywords. Nevertheless, you can only decide the varians based on the main keyword that you are looking for.

Types of keyword

There are two types of keywords that is Main Keyword and Varian Keyword. Here is the brief explanation:

Main Keyword = the main focus in an article

Varian Keyword = suggested keywords that are the varian of main keyword

Keyword SEO

For SEO specialists, keyword is the key in making articles. To start an article, the writer provides an idea and theme. Then SEO specialists will give suggested keywords that are widely searched by users.

Take an example when you are about to make an article about “SERP“. You need to find out what users need and what keywords are frequently typed to search information about SERP. Then SEO specialists will give the suggested keywords for writers to use.

The article made must contain the number of keywords in accordance with the principle, so that your article will appear on SERP.

According to KBBI

kata dalam pemrograman bahasa yang menggambarkan perintah yang dikenali oleh komputer. (a word in language programming that contain a command that can be identified by computers)

Related Terms


SERP is a place where keywords that user inputs are displayed on. SERP contains related information in response to the specific query by a user.


Keywords are associated with SEO. SEO is a way to optimize an article or contents uploaded on the Internet.

Long Tail

Long tail Keyword is a series of keywords containing 3-7 words and also the information searched.

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