What is Organic Search

Definition of Organic Search

Organic Search is a method where a user inputs several keyword searches as a link to a website.

The result of this particular method is not random, as the job of a search engine is to choose the most relevant site contents with their corresponding organic keywords.

Metode ini lebih dikenal sebagai salah satu strategi SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For example, if a user inputs the keywords related to your business, it is highly probable that your site will be on their search result page.

Benefits of Organic Search

  1. Enhances traffic / Website Visibility
  2. Increases Online Marketing Sales
  3. Uplifts Brand Awareness

Ambiguity - The Difference between Organic Search and Paid Search

Organic Search will hold steady a lot longer than Paid Search. Target keywords are also richer than simple budget only..

Paid Search allows you to pay for keyword searches; it refers to ads display in the top part of the search engine result page. It also leads its users to offers related to the chosen keywords. This method allows payments or paid ads

Related Terms


Long Tail Keywords,
refers to a more specific series of keywords with a low-level competition of the other keywords used in the search engine.


Organic Keywords,
refers to organic keywords available in a content to help a search engine understand the content itself.


Search Engine,
is a computer program designed to do document or file search available on web, www, and others.

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