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Written by cmlabs, May 20, 2022

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cmlabs's strategy tp escalate customers' web performance

Based on the interviews we conducted, the cmlabs and Prospeku projects were declared to have exceeded expectations. Prospeku team is satisfied and pleased with the achievements achieved by cmlabs in Q4 towards the end of the year, and Prospeku believes that next year there will be new challenges and higher targets.

Prospekku assessed that cmlabs' ideas and initiatives regarding SEO plans and strategies had a significant impact on their website. It makes Prospekku think of using cmlabs as a Front End Developer by logging into their GitHub and contributing as an extension of the team.

In addition to SEO services, the quality of content writing is considered quite good, easy to read by users even though it is in a huge portion, but the quality is maintained, the cmlabs team can also convey everything complicated precisely and easily understood. Prospeku brand identity is also represented by content from cmlabs.

The approach and bi-weekly report are the plus points in this collaboration so that this project is likely to be continued. However, there are a few things that still need to be improved regarding communication. In the future, there will be adjustments to the communication platform so that all messages are conveyed clearly.

In conclusion, with SEO services and content writing from cmlabs, Prospeku finds it helpful in maintaining the performance of its website.

Performance overview

Gain significant monthly traffic increase 92 times better than 9 months before the project starts

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Please note, if not all types of businesses can use SEO. then it is important for you to understand whether potential customers of your products and services are actually searching through search engines

SEO Items, Mandatory
Gain organic traffic

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In some businesses, searches through search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo are really high. Even with just a 3% market capture available in his niche through search engines, a company can stand strong. So understanding this objective is so important and the most basic of organic marketing. For example:

  • Travel & transportation

  • E-commerce

  • Financial inclusion & services

  • News or online publisher

  • Property

  • Automotive

A specific SEO approach is needed for companies operating in certain niches, such as Gojek, Grab, mining, etc.

SEO Campaign

Some business sectors have large and complex markets, marketing activities can be so complex and broad. At some point, big companies need Content Marketing activities (we call them SEO campaigns) to get awareness through mass media and online publishers in a country. Considering this activity required a more budget, you need a comprehensive strategy and it must be designed carefully.

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Organic market share

When the company has targeted thousands of keywords, then our discussion will continue to market dominance in a particular business niche on search engines like Google or Bing. If your company is already here, then cmlabs will be the right SEO friend for your business. We really understand if your company's position compared to direct or search competitors is so important, and we will help make your company get a percentage share according to the company's OKR.

Enrich search results

For some companies, this objective may be just a complement to the search results. However for us this is an important investment and should be maximized. Based on our internal analysis, the SERP feature that you maximize does not directly impact organic visits, but overall it makes search engine algorithms understand how your website is trying to provide information with better serving options to users.

Fix on-page issue

It is becoming a common problem and perhaps some company executives have the wrong priorities. We agree that technical matters are important, but you have to consider other factors such as keyword clustering and the planning of the website. It is a big team collaboration, so the SEO specialist is not right to bear the technical burden alone.

Learn the techniques of SEO

We consider a reliable source of information from the search engine developer pages themselves, such as Google and Bing. But if you need a simpler alternative to understand, we provide SEO Terms and SEO Guidelines.

Get on leaderboard

This objective has not been widely understood by the enterprise. Generally, our specialists (before joining cmlabs) help multinational companies with this objective. Simply put, a market volume will be evaluated and analyzed. So that we will know what percentage of the market we have captured, this is indirectly related to the point of Organic Market Share (which we have shown earlier). But when the company has arrived at this objective, at least the keywords you are targeting are tens of thousands and the optimization scale is for large markets such as countries.

Increase ranking distribution

Close the discussion in the previous line, this is an optimization option and an objective at a high level of SEO. This job requires a comprehensive plan and strategy. It also requires advanced planning and a precise design.

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