CMLABS Launches The Fourth SEO Tool: Page Speed Test

Written by cmlabs, Jul 22 2020

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Jakarta - There are many aspects that need to be considered by an SEO expert and consultant, one of which is on the technical side of the website. Every website owner certainly needs to pay attention to how the experience that visitors will get when visiting the website. Starting from considering the appearance, clear navigation, to measuring how fast your website pages load.

As a tool to simplify the activities of SEO practitioners and experts, cmlabs released the Page Speed ​​tool as part of our free SEO Tools. This tool can be accessed for free by the public and without certain limitations.

Not only measuring the load time of a page on the website, but the Page Speed ​​tool will also detect any issues that need to be fixed to improve website performance on the technical side.

This tool is equipped with details of the measured metrics, score ranges, and rating status of whether your website is in good benchmarks that need improvement or tend to be less than optimal.

The cmlabs page speed tool consists of several big metrics, such as performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and PWA. All of these metrics have been explained in detail complete with what variables need to be improved on these big metrics in order to get a better score.

The advantage of the free cmlabs Page Speed ​​tool is in the local history which can save and display the history of the test process you did on the device. This will certainly make your SEO activities more practical and efficient without the need to do repeated tests.

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Note: We have attached some of the most common questions asked by users below, along with their answers. To use the cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker application, you don't need to request for a quote from marketing. Please click login to the application.

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