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Cyber ​​Security: Definition, Benefits, Types, and Examples

Last updated: Oct 21, 2022

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting and maintaining the security of computers, smartphones, servers, electronic systems, networks, websites, and data from various types of attacks or malicious illegal access.

These attacks are usually carried out by irresponsible individuals to achieve certain goals that can harm the victim. If your website gets attacked, some of the sensitive information could be accessed illegally, and important data could be changed or deleted.

The business you manage may still be on a small scale, but you still have to know what cyber security is. The reason is that cyber attacks not only target big companies but also small businesses and individuals. Therefore, implementing the proper security for your website is an important thing to do.

Actions that can tighten your website’s security include the use of tools, policy making, security concepts, and other actions that can protect organizational assets or users.

Cyber Security Benefits

Currently, almost all companies use computers and the internet to support their business activities. The number of companies that use technology means the potential increase in cyber attacks.

However, we still find many business people who do not maintain online security or do not even know what kind of security they need for their websites. In fact, its implementation is a form of prevention against bad things that could harm the company in the future.

The benefits of implementing cyber security are:

  1. Recovery system: If a cyber attack occurs, the recovery process will be faster due to good procedures
  2. Data management: Enterprise data management systems such as customer information will be more secure.
  3. Consumer trust: The reputation of the company will be maintained so that customers have more confidence in providing their data.
  4. Guaranteed security: Prevent unexpected attacks from happening in the future.

Types of Cyber Security

To become a qualified webmaster, you need to know about various types of cyber security. This knowledge will be useful to determine the type that suits your needs. There are three types of security that are mainly recognized, namely:

Network Security

Network security ensures that your company's internal data network traffic is protected. If your company's activities rely on a network system, this type of security is extremely beneficial.

One example of network security is the use of applications such as antivirus and firewalls. These two methods will help you detect cyber threats like malware.

Application Security

Application security is a protection system for applications. If your company uses or creates applications for consumers, then you need to pay attention to this security system.

There are several practices for implementing application security, namely:

  • Authentication - This system maintains user access with a username and password. In addition, there is also two-factor authentication, which provides access when the user completes two forms of authentication.
  • Authorization - You can also apply an authorization system to the application. This system will check the user's authority to use the application.
  • Encryption - Encryption systems can prevent cybercriminals from reading sensitive data from app users.
  • Logging - A system of recording activity and information on applications, including recording information about who has access to user accounts.
  • Security testing - Tests carried out on the security system to ensure that the application can run properly.

Cloud Security

Cloud security ensures that every piece of data and information stored in the cloud system can be well protected. The task of securing the cloud system is the responsibility of the service providers to meet the existing level of security requirements and procedures.

Some cyber attacks that can threaten data in cloud storage are data theft, data misuse, and service traffic piracy.

Examples of Cyber ​​Crime Threats

As technology develops, cyber threats are also becoming increasingly diverse. For that, you need to know some examples of cyber attacks that often threaten the company's security system.

You can use these examples of threats as a reference for prevention in the future. Some examples of cybercrime threats that you should be aware of are as follows:

  1. Phishing: Fraudulent activity with fake emails as a means of obtaining sensitive user data.
  2. Malware: Cyber attacks are carried out with special malicious software to steal data and take over access to files or user devices.
  3. SQL injection: An attack to retrieve data from the data center by inserting malicious code via SQL statements.
  4. Man-in-the-middle: An attack in the form of eavesdropping on communications between two users to steal data.
  5. Denial-of-service: An attack in the form of sending large amounts of traffic to a network or server so that the system cannot run.

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