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7 Ways to Improve Laravel SEO Strategies for Your Website

Last updated: Jan 23, 2023

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Building a website with complete features can make your SEO strategy a success. Moreover, if you regularly optimize and improve the website. For those of you who build websites with Laravel, you can also optimize the framework.

However, for those of you who are still new to website optimization from a programming perspective, you must pay attention to the discussion about what Laravel is, the importance of Laravel SEO, and ways to improve it. Here is the complete guide.

What is Laravel?

laravel framework
Figure 1: Laravel, the Framework Used to Develop Websites

Laravel is a framework based on the PHP programming language that aids in website development by making it more efficient. Websites developed with Laravel will look more dynamic. You need to know that this framework always has the latest features compared to other frameworks.

Laravel uses the Model View Controller, or MVC, structure, which is a website model that separates views and data based on website components. With this model, you can learn Laravel more easily, so website creation is faster.

Laravel also has quite a few built-in features, one of which is the authentication feature. This framework tends to focus on the end-user level, which has advantages both in terms of programming and appearance.

The Importance of Laravel SEO

Basically, SEO is not completely dependent on the framework. However, frameworks like Laravel have a role in creating SEO-friendly websites to support the optimization strategies. Laravel offers comprehensive features that make it one of the best choices for SEO strategies.

Several SEO factors that can be optimized using the Laravel framework include:

  • Website speed
  • Routing URLs
  • High-end security
  • Authentication
  • Automation testing

All of these factors can improve the SEO strategy, both from a technical and off-page perspective. You can also use Laravel to develop Progressive Web Apps (PWA). PWAs combined with this dynamic framework have the potential to build a robust site.

This is not only able to increase website speed and reduce the bounce rate, but it also has an effect on the user experience. Thus, your website is one step ahead of occupying the top SERP position.

7 Ways to Improve Laravel SEO Strategy

laravel optimization
Figure 2: Example of Website Optimization to Improve Laravel SEO Strategy 

After knowing what Laravel is and how important its optimization is, you now need to know how to improve your Laravel SEO strategy for your website. Check out the explanation below.

1. Use Meta Tags

The first way to improve the Laravel SEO strategy is to use meta tags on every website page. Meta tags can help search engines find all the information on your website. Make sure the page title tag has a proportional size—not too big or too small.

In addition, use meta descriptions with the right targeted keywords to write page summaries. One of the best practices for creating meta descriptions is to make them up to 156 characters long.

If you write a meta description with a length of more than 156 characters, it will be truncated by the SERP, so that users will not be able to read the full page summary of your website.

Use the Title and Meta Description Checker tools from cmlabs to create good meta titles and meta descriptions.

Don't forget to use Canonical URLs in the head tags to avoid duplicate content that can affect your website's ranking in the SERPs.

2. Build Sitemap

The second way to improve your Laravel SEO strategy for your website is to build a sitemap. A sitemap can be likened to a mini-map of your website. Basically, a sitemap is useful for providing search engines with clear information about the structure of your website.

Apart from that, it also affects the user experience. With a good sitemap, users will feel more comfortable accessing your website because they can easily find what they are looking for.

3. Standard Website Layout Design

Creating a standard website layout is one way to improve your Laravel SEO strategy. Design your website's layout with a standard and responsive format.

Building a responsive website is very important because, according to Google, 60% of users access search engines using mobile devices. As a result, you should create a simple web layout design that is appealing to mobile device users.

4. Deploy Website on Server with Good Speed

The next way to improve the Laravel SEO strategy is to deploy a website on a server with high speed. Having a website with a lot of interesting content but poor page speed can be a red flag for you. The reason is that this concerns the user experience directly.

Poor website speed can cause a high bounce rate. Finally, your website's position is becoming increasingly threatened in the SERP. Not only that, but your website also has the potential to lose a lot of organic traffic.

Therefore, choose a server with good speed to speed up the response time for requests from users. Deploy your website on a server with good speed and the ability to respond to requests, so users will get the best experience when accessing your website.

5. Use a User Friendly Slug

A good website is one that prioritizes the convenience of its users from various angles. One of the things you can optimize from a user experience perspective is slugs.

Using slugs that are simple and easy to read can provide an overview of the content to users, as well as being a way to improve the Laravel SEO strategy on your website.

For example, when you write content with Google Sandbox main keywords, you can make these keywords into slugs like this:


6.Use SSL or HTTPS

A website with a good on-page SEO strategy is not complete if it is not accompanied by secure access for users. Using SSL or HTTPS is one way to improve the SEO strategy, which is quite important to implement.

Use an SSL certificate to secure data of your website usage. In addition, the use of HTTPS can protect user privacy data. That way, they will feel safe and comfortable when accessing your website.

You can use free or paid SSL certificates. Free SSL is suitable for use by non-e-commerce websites, while for those of you who have an e-commerce website, you should use a paid SSL for better security.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source website page loading technology developed by Google. AMP is able to help you load website pages faster, so this will cause users to have a good user experience when accessing your website.

Apart from that, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can also help you get more organic traffic because users always like a website with quality content and a stable page speed.

Therefore, using AMP pages is a useful way to improve the Laravel SEO strategy for your website.

Thus the discussion about what Laravel is, the importance of Laravel SEO, and ways to improve the optimization strategy for your website.

You can use SEO services to help you optimize your website on and off page with a more detailed and structured strategy.



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