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Web Developer: Definition, Skills, and Responsibilities

Last updated: Oct 04, 2023

Web Developer: Definition, Skills, and Responsibilities
Cover Image: Illustration of a Web Developer

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Web developers are one of the most important professions in the ever-evolving digital era. However, do you fully understand what is a web developer and the job description of this professional?

In general, a website developer is a talent (brainware) behind the existence of the websites. Just as the name suggests, this profession is responsible for building a website and ensuring it is easy to navigate.

To create a website effectively, web developers must possess various technical and non-technical skills.

So, what are the essential skills that website developers need to master in order to create responsive and optimal websites?

Before delving into more detailed information, you need to first understand the definition, responsibilities, tasks, and examples of web developers in the following guide.


What is Web Developer?

 Illustration of a Web Developer
Figure 1:  Illustration of a Web Developer

A web developer is a professional in the field of information technology who possesses expertise in designing, developing, and maintaining websites.

They are responsible for converting design concepts into code that can run in a web browser, making it easier for users to access and interact with the content or features within it.

Overall, the job of a web developer is to ensure that the website runs smoothly, has an appealing and navigable user interface (UI), and provides an optimal user experience (UX).


Web Developer Job Description

Illustration of A Web Developer in Designing Website Layouts
Figure 2:  Illustration of A Web Developer in Designing Website Layouts

As mentioned earlier, the role of a web developer primarily involves designing, developing, and maintaining websites to ensure they function properly and provide an optimal user experience.

A complete explanation of the responsibilities and web developer job description are listed in the following:

1. Design Website Logic

This professional is responsible for designing the structure and logic behind a website.

They need to determine the organization and access to information as well as user interactions with various elements within the website.

For example, when designing an online store or e-commerce, they need to arrange the flow of creating an account or logging in before accessing product sections and even the payment process.

2. Building Databases

Databases are elements used to store various website data, ranging from brand information, product photos, and order data, to visitor account information.

In this regard, a website developer must ensure that the database can be stored, retrieved, and managed efficiently to optimize the website's maintenance process.

3. Design Website Layouts

While the main design tasks are performed by UI/UX designers, professional developer for website also plays a significant role in implementing visual designs into code.

In this implementation, they use programming languages such as HTML and CSS to create attractive and responsive layouts.

4. Conduct Website Testing

Before launching a website, they also need to conduct thorough testing. One type of testing performed is usability testing. This testing is carried out to identify the user experience when accessing the website.

By conducting various tests, developers can ensure that the website functions well and meets expectations.

5. Identifying and Fixing Website Security Vulnerabilities

In addition to testing, professional developers of a website also need to ensure cybersecurity to protect the website from cyberattacks.

To perform this task, they will implement various security practices such as data encryption, DDoS protection, and many more.


Web Developer Skills

In essence, this profession demands mastery of a range of technical and non-technical skills, such as SEO, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various programming languages.

Here are some skills that a professional website developer should possess:

1. Proficiency in Markup Languages

Markup languages are the foundation for building the appearance and functionality of a website. If you're interested in this career, you will be required to master three markup languages, including:

  • HTML: This markup language is used for constructing the structure of web pages and the content elements within them, such as headings, paragraphs, and images.
  • CSS: The appearance of buttons, text, and other elements on a website can be controlled through CSS.
  • JavaScript: In terms of interactivity, JavaScript plays a crucial role in making web pages interactive through animations, sliders, or pop-ups.

2. Know How to Create Mobile-Friendly Designs

In 2023, Indonesia recorded a population of 352.8 million people using mobile devices to access information. 

Therefore, a skill in creating mobile-friendly designs is crucial. Through this skill, developers can ensure that websites look and function well on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

3. Mastery of Programming Languages

In addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, website developers also need to master other programming languages depending on their focus. 

For example, if one aims to become a back-end developer, languages like Python and Ruby must be mastered.

4. Understanding the Testing and Debugging Process

Another skill that website developers must possess is the ability to conduct testing and debugging on websites. 

Testing and debugging actions should be performed regularly to ensure that the website continues to function optimally without disrupting the user experience.

5. Use of Various Website Developer Tools

Another essential skill is proficiency in using various tools and web frameworks in the development process. 

In this regard, there are several tools that need to be mastered, including Git for version control, text editors or Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), and optimization and website performance analysis tools.

6. Understanding of SEO

Lastly, other web developer skills you should have if interested in this area is a basic understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). 

Through this skill, you can optimize websites to make them more easily discoverable in Google search results (SERP) or other search engines.


Types of Web Developer

Web developer jobs can generally be categorized based on the part of the website they work on, such as front-end or back-end. 

Here are some examples of specific roles in the world of website development:

1. Front-End Developer

front-end developer is responsible for developing the visual appearance of a website so that it can be viewed by users. 

They use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an attractive and responsive user experience. 

Front-end developers also collaborate with UI/UX designers to ensure that the appearance aligns with the design and user needs.

2. Back-End Developer

If front-end developers focus on developing the visual aspects of a website, back-end developers are more focused on developing parts of the website that users don't see, such as the web server or database. 

They use programming languages like Python, PHP, Ruby, or Java to build server-side functionality that supports website operations and is also responsible for data security and system integrity.

3. Full-Stack Developer

Another type of website developer is the full-stack developer. Full-stack developers generally need to have an understanding and skills in both front-end and back-end development. 

They are expected to be able to develop features on a website, including user interactions, business logic, and databases, among others. 

This is why full-stack developers are responsible for end-to-end project website development.

4. UI/UX Designer

Although not generally classified as primary developers, UI/UX designers play a crucial role in creating a good user experience. 

A UI/UX designer is responsible for designing the website's layout and navigation (UI) and optimizing user interactions with the website (UX). 

UI/UX designers also collaborate with developers to ensure consistent appearance and functionality aligned with business goals.

5. Mobile Developer

Mobile Developer is not typically categorized as "web developer" because their primary focus is on developing mobile applications for devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

They use programming languages like Java, Kotlin (for Android), or Swift, Objective-C (for iOS) to create apps that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. 

However, it is important to note that some mobile developers also have expertise in web development, especially if they are involved in developing apps that require a connection to web servers or integration with specific web services.

6. E-Commerce Developer

E-commerce developers specialize in website development or e-commerce platforms. Overall, e-commerce developers work to ensure that online shopping, payment integration, and inventory management run smoothly. 

Some popular e-commerce platforms include: 

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce (WordPress based)
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart

7. Game Developer

Game Developers focus on developing games to run on PCs, game consoles, and mobile devices. 

They use programming languages and specialized technologies to create interactive and enjoyable gaming experiences. 

While web developers concentrate on building websites, web applications, and web-based interfaces, Game Developers have a different focus on developing interactive entertainment. 

They use various programming languages and development tools like C++, Unity, or Unreal Engine to create games with complex graphics.

That concludes the explanation of website developers, including their definition, responsibilities, tasks, skills, and types of developers that exist out there.

As mentioned earlier, web developer jobs do require specific skills, one of which is an understanding of SEO. With this skill, web developers can create SEO strategies to help websites rank highly in organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you encounter difficulties in developing an SEO strategy that suits your website's niche, it is your time to encounter professional SEO Services by cmlabs to drive the growth of your business and make it shine in the digital landscape.

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