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Top 5 Indonesia Big Media

Content Placement on Indonesia Online Publisher (Save 5JT)






Bisnis Regular Placement Headline Rp 16.000.000 1
Republika Regular Placement Advertorial Berita Unggulan Rp 78.750.000 1
iNews Regular Placement Related Channel Rp 7.000.000 1
Viva Regular Placement Welcome Page Non news
(Article written by media)
Rp 7.000.000 1
Antara News Regular Placement Top News Homepage Rp 15.750.000 1
Content Creation Cost - - - 10
Total Price PPn 11% not included Rp 126.500.000
Total Price (Exclude PPn) Rp 126.500.000
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  1. Report pageviews max h+14 after published
  2. Bisnis guarantee 4000 - 5000 pageviews
  3. Republika no guarantee pageviews
  4. iNews no guarantee pageviews
  5. VIVA guarantee 10,000 pageviews on certain channel (to be discuss)
  6. Antara News no guarantee
How cmlabs Define Media Category

Additional Information:

  1. This Media Buying service is only in Indonesia’s online publishers.
  2. The price attached below is for one-time placement.
  3. This Media Buying attached above is just an example. You can choose whether you want to publish it to Local Media, Big Media, or High-Quality Media, which has many channels such as (Technology, Education, Lifestyle, etc) you can ask us for the details and your placement request.


  1. cmlabs defines page visit without using a third party, we did not sort the media based on the price, but we sort it by the experience we have had before with each media.
  2. cmlabs determines the media category (Local Media, Big Media, or High-Quality Media) based on internal perspective. The list of categories are adjustable and have the possibility to change according to the new assessment that cmlabs agreed to apply.
  3. The Sticky Article is a term that refers to the content that the audience spends the most time-consuming. E.g the posts that the audience keep coming back to time and time. With Sticky Article, you can have a strong connection and engage easily with your audiences or the targeted one.
  4. The Non-Sticky Article is a content that does not stay for a long-time in a homepage of online publishers. This kind of article can help you to connect with your audience but it will not last. Some online publishers even only put an article for 24 hours long and it will disappear after.
  5. The Headline Article aimed to describe articles inside ecosystems of a page/blogs/media. A headline is a story’s title. The Headline position is at the top of all published content. Users need to be aware that overloading the article headline with multiple keywords (keyword stuffing) can hurt your SEO though, but through these Media Buying packages, you don’t have to be worried because your keywords are used appropriately and handled by professionals. cmlabs will help you to monitor the quality of your content before it is released.
  6. The Regular Placement is a content that does not appear as a headline. The regular placement display is not as big as headline content, it is still visible and stays at the main page, along with other articles. But it will not catch the audience 's attention. Because as there are new released articles, the regular placement will be easily replaced.

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Why Media Buying with cmlabs?

Media Buying helps to reach mass users on the market and allows you to connect and educate your targeted customers.

Get brand mention from media with 1 mio traffic/day

Get brand mention from media with 1 mio traffic/day

Reputable media will help your website get more exposure by having backlink to your page

Increase brand awareness through media visitors

Increase brand awareness through media visitors

The more your content appear on the media, the more clicks you will get

Boost your brand's digital reputation

Boost your brand's digital reputation

Increase brand awareness on the Internet and attract more audience to your page

Note: We have collected several frequently asked questions below here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our SEO work is delivered with an in-depth approach, where we are highly concerned about the details, data-driven, and deep analysis. We are focusing our work on the product/service side, the business side, competitors, trends, and the technical side. Every SEO recommendation and best practice is based on your business standards and SEO guidelines.

cmlabs welcomes all business niches and company sizes. Having the willingness to sell the product online effortlessly, is one of the best strategies that a business owner can do. With SEO, you are able to receive repetitive conversions without costing you too much. SEO is designed to give you a sustainable position on SERP. You can ask our marketing team about the details.

We have SEO Content Writing, Content Marketing, Backlink to National Media, and Backlink that will complement your SEO needs. High-quality content will always give a lot of traffic but first, it needs to be supported by well-planned content production. Aside from that, the Content Marketing package aimed to increase a good reputation and gain the trustworthiness of a brand. We implement online publishers' price lists transparently.

We highly recommend you prevent SEO grey areas. Because if the backlinks that we utilize are low-quality ones, some problems will occur and cause the domain ranking to decrease. We are certain that great quality of content and the lack of technical issues will overcome high-quality backlinks eventually, e.g reputable online media, online forum articles, and blogs written by Key Opinion Leader. But if you happen to need off-page SEO too, we will be glad to assist you with the next level plans.

Content Marketing is a service where clients will get a brand mention from reputable publishers so that they can gain more brand recognition.

Backlink to National Media is a service where clients will get a brand mention and the website’s link included in the article written by reputable publishers so that clients can generate more website traffic.

Backlink is a service that aims to help clients gain more website traffic from relevant websites references. In cmlabs, clients are not able to choose the websites, instead cmlabs team will find the right website that is fit to client’s business based on research.

Apparently, we could not give you the list of websites for backlink activity. But we will assure you that the website we recommend is a high-quality one (with great domain authority, has a lot of traffic, and credible content) and will be relatable to yours.

Yes you can, but first our team will analyze and audit the requested websites. So we can avoid low-quality backlinks, and we suggest you follow our recommendations.

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