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What Is JSON-LD? Defintion, Dunction, and Types

Last updated: Sep 13, 2022

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is a markup scheme that is used as the method to add structured data into website pages. JSON-LD is the abbreviation of Java-Script-Object-Notation for Linked Data.

JSON-LD Markup usually will be available automatically on the blogger template, either the blogger default template or template made by the creator. JSON-LD usage significantly influences SERP and SEO, but many people don’t understand how to optimize its use.

JSON-LD can also be referred to as a method used for encoding linked data to the JSON format. The coding process makes the developer easier or when they want to change the data with JSON format to be JSON-LD.

JSON-LD markup schema is designed especially with a concept called “context” that has a function to map the JSON format to an RDF model. Context works by connecting the object property on JSON with the concept of Ontology. Context can be embedded automatically on the JSON-LD documents.

Moreover, context can also be entered separately in the form of document reference that is different from the main document. The JSON-LD markup will make it easier for Google and other search engines to display information that a website has.

The search engine will use information gained from the markup to make a rich snippet website on the SERP display. Before that, the search engine will interpret and manage the code from a website content to be displayed at the top of the search result if the keyword is suitable.

A web resource that is meant is anything that can be identified, whether digital, physical, and abstract. To put it simply, it is an online document.

The Function of Using JSON-LD

As the markup schema, JSON-LD has many functions to increase the traffic from a website. Using JSON-LD markup schema on the website, especially which has a WordPress basis, will give some advantages to the site's development.

The advantage of a markup scheme used on the web is that it can increase the website traffic more optimally and improve the CTR or Click Through Rate so the digital marketing success can be more controlled.

The installation of JSON-LD markup schema on the website also functions as the media, which provides additional context to the page and the website post. With the additional context, the website rank and the website post on search engines will increase significantly.

The installation of JSON-LD on websites is very suitable for the website manager who wants to increase the website rank traffic on a search engine such as Google. The JSON-LD installation will positively impact the CTR or Click Through Rate improvement and the statistic, which has a vital role in the other website's development.

You don't have to bother looking for ways to increase website traffic. Google can provide information or a general description of the keywords searched to increase the website owner's traffic who installs the JSON-LD markup schema on the site. 

JSON-LD format will display an overview of the basic structure of information presented in an article or post. That information is usually in the form of a URL description image, URL address, blog name, or the author name of the post. The information is also used as the schema format, so the post will be identified easily by the search engine.

Websites that use JSON-LD markup schema will have complete and specific information displayed on the SERP. The visitors will choose websites with complete entry in Google compared to the sites that don't have complete entry information.

It will automatically make the sites being visited and increase the web rank significantly on the search engine. 

Difference between JSON-LD and XML

JSON and XML have similar functionality, however, they have significant differences. Here's the difference:

  • Code: for code, JSON has a simpler code for the user to see than XML. JSON doesn't need opening and closing tags while XML still does.
  • File Extension: JSON file has .json extension whereas XML will be .XML
  • Loading Time: In terms of data loading, JSON will load faster because of the small file size. In contrast to the relatively larger XML.

JSON-LD code example:

  { "firstName":"Adam", "lastName":"Levine" },
  { "firstName":"Anna", "lastName":"Kendrick" },
  { "firstName":"Peter", "lastName":"Jones" }


XML code example:

    <firstName>Adam</firstName> <lastName>Levine</lastName>
    <firstName>Anna</firstName> <lastName>Kendrick</lastName>
    <firstName>Peter</firstName> <lastName>Jones</lastName>


JSON-LD type

Next, you need to know the types of values ​​contained in JSON. Here's a review of all the values:

  • String: This data consists of unicode characters.
Example of string value:

  • Object: is a pair of keys and values. This data is opened and closed by curly braces. 
Example of object value:
“Murid”: {“nama”:”Ana”, “asal”:”Malang”}

  • Boolean: This data type usually contains only true and false statements.
Example of Boolean value:
“sudah mendapat kelas”:”false”

  • Array: a collection of objects that are opened and closed with square brackets [].
Example of Array value: 
{"nama":"Ana", "asal":"Malang"},
{"nama":"Bestari", "asal":"Padang"},
{"nama":"Akmal", "asal":"Jakarta"}

  • Null: this data contains a null value
Example of null value: 

  • Number: as the name implies, this data is a number. Number data must be an integer.
Example of number value:


How to Add JSON-LD Schema on Website

After knowing the definitions, functions, differences and types, we will guide you in adding a JSON-LD schema to your website. Here are the complete steps:

1. Add JSON-LD Markup in a WordPress site using Schema Plugin.

The use of schema plugins is the easiest way that can be chosen to input JSON-LD markup schemes on a website. Schema plugins are compatible with any variety of markup and can be integrated on YOAST SEO. Here are several ways to use it on WordPress:

  • Open the plugins feature, then click Add New and search for Schema plugin.
  • After installing and activating it, choose the Schema menu on Settings to configure the plugin. Users will be asked to fill in the necessary information about the website.
  • In order to add a scheme on a website post, the user can set it in the Schema section -> Type

2. Add JSON-LD Markup on the website manually

This way can be used to add schema in every post on a website using schema custom. The schema custom that is used is different in each post.

Google recommends the use of JSON-LD schema if you want. JSON-LD Schema, which is JavaScript-based, will be inputted into sites in the script format so that it will be easier to be read and shorten the debugging process.

The user can use JSON-LD Generator to help the markup code writing. In order to make the script custom, click the Screen Options menu, then give a checklist on all of the columns with Custom Field writing. Click Enter New on the Custom Field section to add the custom script.

After it is inputted, the script will be loaded with a metadata post. The user can utilize this way to input any markup custom on the site. 

JSON-LD Schema Generator.

CMLABS provides tools that can be accessed freely for generating schema markup on your website. Please visit cmlabs JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator to use it. 

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