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Bing: Definition, Features, and Ranking Factors

Last updated: Feb 12, 2024

Cover image: Illustration of Bing as a search engine from Microsoft which was first released in 2009. Learn about it in this article.

What is Bing?

Bing or which has now changed its brand to Microsoft Bing is a search engine from the big company Microsoft. Bing was officially launched on May 28, 2009, by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

This second biggest search engine in the US was created with the latest technology purchased by Microsoft called PowerSet. This technology allows users to get much more relevant search results. In addition, Bing is also designed to be able to save search history via Facebook, eMail, and Skydrive.

How Bing Works

Just like other search engines, Bing stores all the information on a website with crawlers. The difference is, Bing organizes search results to facilitate users with categories.


Bing has a bot that functioned to crawl each page for later index. The crawler manager reviews multiple levels of a website. For a website to be crawled by bots, these levels must be in their crawl budget.

  • Subdomain
  • Domain
  • Servers
  • IP Address


All data that has been crawled by bots will then be indexed. However, this process takes some time to detect all web pages. You can use Indexnow to signal Bing about any changes to the website. In that way, search engines will prioritize crawling your URLs.


Bing started working on JavaScript in 2011. Bing uses a headless browser and crawl queue then renders the content. Furthermore, these contents will be displayed as search results

Bing focuses on four target areas: shopping, travel, local, and health. Its basic purpose is to simplify the searching activity. This search engine also has an Auto Suggest feature which recommends words based on the first letter you type, then displays a list of appropriate options.

Bing Features

Bing provides many features that set it apart from other search engines, here are the full features:

Interface Features

This search engine is equipped with an attractive interface. The search background can change on daily basis with a beautiful view. All users can enable or disable this feature.

Best Match

The most relevant search results can be displayed directly and in a simple way. This feature allows users to find information faster without having to scroll through such long page results.

Media Search

Media search made users easier to find media results. Users can see the media search results with thumbnails. For videos, users don't need to click on the video's page to play it, they just need to hover over the video you want to check.

Instant Answer

Users will get quick answers to search queries such as flight schedules, today's weather, calculation results, prices, dictionaries, calculators, and many others. This feature makes it easier for users to find information without opening a new page.


Bing also has a virtual map that can be accessed by all users. Like any virtual map in general, information about roads, places, and routes is available and accessible.


This feature can display complete information with a timeline. For example, if a user searches for an actress or actor then Bing can display the timeline of that person including the year and all their achievements.

Bing Ranking Factors

In displaying the most relevant search results, Bing uses complex algorithms and continues to evolve over time. The following are the parameters that Bing uses to rank search results pages.


Relevance refers to how well the content matches what users intend to search. It includes terms in links that refer to the page. Bing also takes semantic value into account, including synonyms or abbreviations that are understood as the same thing.

Many queries may have more than one possible intent; Bing tries to ensure that by providing a comprehensive result set that displays all the possibilities.

Quality and Credibility

Bing determines the quality and credibility of a website by evaluating the clarity of the site's purpose, usability, and presentation. Quality and credibility also include an evaluation of page authority.

For example, articles with citations and references to the data source are considered as good than the one without any data.

User Activity

Bing considers how users interact with the displayed results. User interaction on a web page can be checked through the Bing Webmaster. To assess user engagement, Bing asks questions such as:

  • Did the user click on the search results for a particular query, and if so, which result?
  • Do users spend time on the search results they click on or do they quickly return to Bing?
  • Have users adjusted or reformulated their queries?

Content Update

Generally, search engines prefer fresh content. It means that consistently providing up-to-date content will make your website rank better.


In ranking results, Bing considers the user's location (country and city), where the page is hosted, the language of the page, or the location of other visitors to the page.

Page Load Time

Slow loading times can cause users to leave your website, even before the content fully load. Bing rates this kind of page as a poor user experience and unuseful search results. Therefore, webmasters need to improve page loading speed for a better user experience.

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