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Zero Click

Last updated: Feb 20, 2023

What is Zero Click?

Zero click is a phenomenon where users get information directly on search pages without having to visit related website pages. At first glance, this situation does sound unfavorable for the website manager. In fact, websites that don't get clicks are not at a loss in this regard.

The occurrence of zero clicks on a website page can be a positive indicator for a website's visibility in the eyes of search engines. This is because Google applies this method to improve the search algorithm for queries or keywords that users use to find information on search engines.

In short, SEO specialists are assisted in finding the keywords needed to produce SEO-friendly content or articles. That way, the keyword research process based on search volume and search intent can be done more easily.

Zero Click Study

Over the past few years, studies have shown that the percentage of zero clicks is increasing. Why is that? Users prefer to get information quickly and efficiently. Google provides this convenience by displaying answers to queries entered directly on the search page.

Based on a study from Semrush, users still tend to seek more information by visiting web pages that display answers through the featured snippets in the SERP. The research noted that organic traffic still has a higher number than Google's zero-click, both via desktop and mobile devices.

From this, it can be seen that the zero-click policy applied by Google is intended to pique user curiosity. Short answers in snippets can potentially generate organic traffic

Impacts of Zero Click on SEO

Google's "zero-click" phenomenon does look detrimental from an SEO standpoint. With the snippets displayed in the SERP, users may feel that they have found the information they are looking for. However, this hypothesis has not been proven to be true because several studies state that organic website traffic is still higher than zero-clicks from Google.

Here are some things to pay attention to regarding this Google zero-click phenomenon:

Search Query Information Improvements

It can be said that the phenomenon of zero website clicks is not a big problem for SEO-based website managers. The existence of brief information in the form of snippets provided by Google is only intended to encourage users to search for information. From there, you can record the queries or keywords used so that the keyword data can be refined.

Understanding Users’ Search Needs

Penerapan sistem zero-click oleh Google didasarkan pada keperluan penelusuran user. Jawaban singkat yang disediakan di halaman pencarian ditujukan untuk membantu proses penelusuran lebih efisien. Hal ini dapat memudahkan user yang berada dalam situasi mendesak mendapatkan informasi penting dalam waktu singkat.

Driving Google Search Quality Improvements

The implementation of the zero-click system by Google is based on the user's search needs. The short answers provided on the search page are intended to make the search process more efficient. This can make it easier for users who are in urgent situations to get important information in a short time.

Optimization Practices Based on Zero Click

Zero click results are usually in the form of featured snippets, quick answers, and knowledge boxes that allow users to get information without having to open a website page. But that doesn't mean they don't have a hand in planning the website's SEO practices themselves.

Google's zero-click system makes SEO specialists look at the optimization process from two lenses, namely, the CTR and using snippets that don't bring traffic to the website. From here, zero-click metrics can be used to plan SEO strategies that focus on using specific keywords.

Pay Attention to CTRs

The trick is to see what keywords do not generate organic traffic or are included in Google's zero-click policy. If the main goal of your website's SEO is traffic, then look for keywords that have a high percentage of CTR and low non-clicking. That way, the website can still get organic traffic with an effective optimization strategy.

Increase Brand Awareness

Insights related to zero clicks can also provide opportunities to increase brand awareness. Typically, searches that return snippets are informational and not transactional.

Given this, you can focus on optimizing the type of keywords that aim for transactional purposes to increase the purchasing power of potential consumers who do intend to make a purchase transaction. That way, the brand will still gain visibility organically in the SERPs.

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