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Rich Results for Subscribed Content Report on GSC

Last updated: May 16, 2023

Disclaimer: Our team is constantly compiling and adding new terms that are known throughout the SEO community and Google terminology. You may be sent through SEO Terms in from third parties or links. Such external links are not investigated, or checked for accuracy and reliability by us. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites.

In developing a website, we need to adapt to what the user wants.

Users often feel at home when they find a website that is easy to navigate. In other words, they will have no difficulty operating every element on the site.

One of the things that can help you grab the attention of users is rich results. Did you know that now, rich results for subscribed content can be monitored via Google Search Console?

Check out the explanation below! 

What are Rich Results?

display of rich results on serp
Figure 1: Example of Rich Results on SERP

Rich results are visually enhanced Google search results. These views contain much more information than typical search results.

This feature from Google is called rich results because it displays search results that are 'better or richer" and provides more detailed information for users.

For example, when you search for "restaurants near me", Google will show local restaurants nearby as well as restaurants with reviews and ratings based on their location.

In general, standard search results will show the title and URL in blue and the meta description in black.

On the contrary, rich results are able to display images and additional information about content on your website such as ratings, maps, prices, videos, products, and others.

Types of Rich Results

Simply put, rich results are defined as Google search results that are displayed with a more attractive visualization, which makes it easier to attract users and help them digest information.

Rich results consist of several types, including:

  • Product: This rich result displays information related to a product, such as price, stock, and reviews from consumers.
  • Events: Rich event results provide complete information about upcoming events, including time and location.
  • Reviews: Rich results in the form of reviews are the most sought-after widgets by users. This is because it can help users decide whether a product is worth buying. You can usually find features about these reviews when you search for restaurants, hotels, or other products.
  • Recipe: In rich results, the food recipe snippet instantly displays and highlights the necessary details such as cooking time, rating, ingredients, and food image.
  • FAQ: FAQ contains a list of questions and answers related to a particular topic. With this feature, users can potentially get the information they need without needing to click on a page first.
  • Video: Rich results in video form display information in video form in search results. This rich result is equipped with options to play videos, define segments, and watch videos directly.
  • Job Posting: A job posting displays a list of job openings for a specific role in Google search results. This rich result is useful for displaying the position and contact information of the employer.
  • Organization: Rich results for a specific organization or agency display important information about that organization, such as: their company name or brand, logo, address, and contact information.

How Rich Results Benefit Your Website

After knowing its types, now is the time for you to know what the benefits of viewing rich results for subscribed content reports on GSC are for your website.

Check out the explanation in the points below.

1. Increase CTR

The first benefit of rich results is that they increase the CTR (click through rate) on your website.

Rich results can make your content stand out in search engines compared to your competitors.

This feature from Google works by improving the appearance of search results and can increase CTR quite significantly when searching for certain keywords.

Visualization in the form of images, ratings, stocks, prices, and other interesting features that can entice users to click on links can generate a high CTR.

According to data presented in Search Engine Journal, the CTR chance generated by rich results is as much as 58%, compared to the 41% CTR generated by ordinary searches.

2. Increase Organic Traffic

Rich results are visually more attractive than regular search results, which in turn can attract user attention, thereby increasing CTR.

The higher the CTR your site generates, the more likely it is that users will click on the link and go to your site.

This will eventually bring in more organic traffic.

3. Increase Website Credibility

As you know, rich results have content visualization in the form of ratings and reviews.

These ratings and reviews can help users determine which websites can be trusted or not by showing how well they interact with users.

If your website is displayed in the form of rich results in the form of ratings and reviews, then the website has a higher chance of being a more credible source for users.

This is because ratings and reviews are considered one of the most important factors in encouraging someone to consider a website trustworthy.

4. Reduced Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate can occur if visitors quickly leave your website pages without finding the information they want.

With rich results, users will be provided with the most relevant details related to the query they are looking for.

Thus, users can easily find important information on search pages, which saves them time browsing Google.

In addition, rich results can also make users stay longer on your website because this will improve the web navigation experience and reduce the bounce rate.

However, some sources state that bounce rate is not always considered a bad metric because it could be that users have already found the answer to what they are looking for at the top of the content. Nevertheless, it is sometimes still considered a bounce rate.

5. Increase Conversions

Rich results can help your website achieve an increase in conversions by providing detailed descriptions of products or services in the SERPs which can attract more audiences.

Simply put, rich results can increase CTR, which generates more traffic. The more traffic generated, the more conversions will be created.

Rich Results and Google Search Console

how rich results for subscribed content performs
Figure 2: Performance Rich Results for Subscribed Content can be seen on GSC

You may already know that Google Search Console is a tool that makes it easier for us to analyze the performance of a website.

From Google Search Console, we can find out how the website is performing, especially in terms of impressions, clicks, and other parameters.

Now, you need to know that Google Search Console has launched a new feature, namely a report to monitor the performance of pages that have been successfully displayed with rich results.

Google Search Console introduced a rich results report for subscribed content, which was created to make it easier for publishers to monitor the performance of their monetized content.

All of this can be found through the Reader Revenue Manager. Reader Revenue Manager provides tools to monetize content, strengthen brand value, improve the user experience, and deepen audience engagement.

Through this tool, you can see the performance of rich results for subscribed content, starting from subscribers, active contributors, and user contributions to your website.

Thus the explanation about rich results for subscribed content on Google Search Console, or GSC.

Rich results can be a good opportunity for you to get users' attention.

So, this can bring various benefits to your site, from increasing organic traffic to reducing bounce rates to increasing CTR.

To help you manage your site and produce quality content, you can use SEO services from cmlabs.

This is because SEO services from cmlabs can help you develop a detailed and concrete marketing strategy for the sustainability of your business.



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