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Promotional Advertisements: Definition, Benefits & Examples

Last updated: Oct 31, 2023

Promotional Advertisements: Definition, Benefits & Examples
Cover image: Illustration of promotional advertisement to boost marketing strategies.

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In an era of massive technological development like today, the diverse benefits of promotional advertisements become the backbone of successful marketing efforts.

When discussing digital marketing initiatives, promotional advertisements are a strategy that encompasses not only conventional advertising but also involves content marketing strategies, social media marketing, and much more.

Several benefits of promotional advertisements enable companies to expand their reach and enhance brand awareness and customer experience through direct interaction with potential customers.

Therefore, understanding the types of promotional media that align with your target audience and marketing goals is crucial to optimizing digital campaign results.

You can follow the discussion below to explore the definition, types, functions, examples, and benefits of promotional advertisements.

What is Promotional Advertisements?

 Illustration of Various Promotional Media to Support Marketing Strategies
Figure 1: Illustration of Various Promotional Media to Support Marketing Strategies

Promotion itself refers to a series of marketing activities aimed at enhancing the visibility, sales, and brand awareness of a product/service.

Therefore, promotional media is a tool or platform utilized to maximize promotional activities to convey marketing messages to the target audience.

As a tool that maximizes marketing efforts, the benefits of promotional advertisements can be experienced both through conventional advertising in print and electronic media.

That's why you can find various types of promotional advertisements nowadays, ranging from digital content production to paid ads.

What is The Differences Between Promotion and Advertising

Promotions are typically brief and focused campaigns designed to drive rapid sales, aiding companies in achieving overall revenue goals or boosting specific product sales. 

Advertising, on the other hand, is a long-term initiative aimed at shaping a brand's identity, establishing and reinforcing relationships, and fostering trust with both potential and existing customers. There are some key distinctions between the two, such as:

  • Timeframe: Crafting an advertising campaign involves careful planning and time investment to construct a strategy that effectively reaches and resonates with the target audience. In contrast, promotional advertisements focus on a single product rather than an entire brand, therefore it can be assembled more swiftly.
  • Campaign Cost: Advertising campaigns often promote an entire brand to a broad audience, potentially incurring higher costs for featuring it across various outlets over extended periods. Promotions, on the other hand, targeting one or two product discounts for a limited time, are less expensive to produce and display.
  • Campaign Objective: Advertising campaigns strive to establish connections, build trust, and nurture relationships with both prospective and current customers. In contrast, promotional strategy primarily aim to generate more sales.
  • Emotional Appeal: Advertising campaigns require more imagination and creativity to emotionally engage customers with the content. Promotions, being geared towards short-term deals and quick profits, typically incorporate little to no emotional elements.
  • Campaign Outcomes: Establishing trust, building relationships, and convincing customers to commit to a product through advertising usually takes time. In contrast, promotions often yield faster results, as customers seize the advertised deal to make swift purchases.

The Benefits of Well-Built Promotional Strategy of Advertisements

 Illustration of Promotional Advertisements Benefits to Increase Revenue
Figure 2:  Illustration of Promotional Advertisements Benefits to Increase Revenue

Promotional advertisements encompass a variety of tools and platforms that aid in the promotional efforts of a business to reach desired targets and maximize online marketing strategies. Some of its benefits include: 

1. Introducing Products/Services to Consumers

Through promotional marketing, businesses can introduce their products/services in a unique and varied manner. 

This technique is crucial as customers tend to choose products/services from brands that are already known and have a positive reputation in the market. 

This benefit can be achieved through creative and targeted campaigns. However, in this case, a business needs to plan the use of each media appropriately to achieve maximum results.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

The benefits of promotional media play a crucial role in enhancing equity and positive perception of a brand. 

By presenting engaging messages tailored to the buyer persona through various channels, companies can build a strong and positive brand image in the minds of customers. 

The increased brand awareness can also have a positive impact on supporting brand value and authority in the eyes of customers.

3. Attracting New Customers

When applied appropriately, this kind of advertisement can help businesses expand their market share and attract new customer segments. 

With the right strategy and promotion, businesses have the potential to capture the attention of customers who may not have been aware of a particular product/service. 

For example, by leveraging relevant digital ads or creative campaigns on social media that align with the preferences of the target audience, businesses can create a buzz among potential consumers.

4. Driving Sales and Revenue

Utilizing the right type of promotional marketing strategies can also help businesses drive the sales of products or services by stimulating consumer purchasing decisions. 

The correct and attractive ads can create strong incentives and attractions to encourage consumers to take immediate purchasing action. 

This benefit can be felt when businesses implement suitable strategies, such as special offers, discounts, or other enticing promotions.

5. Expand Reach

Advertisements can also expand the reach of your target market and potential customers. 

Moreover, if you use various types of online media promotion with the right strategy, this method can help expand the market reach and reach consumer segments that were previously untouched by a business.

Digital Media Promotion Examples for Business of All Niches

Overall, promotional marketing encompasses various platforms, from television and radio for offline media to the internet and social media for online or digital media. 

Explore the benefits of media promotion based on the types below.

Types of Online Media Promotion

In the online and digital landscape, digital media promotion examples are used to introduce, promote, and develop businesses or enterprises through various internet-based platforms.

With the development of digital technology, various forms of online media promotion have become effective choices for business entities. Here are some of them.

  • Google Ads: Allows business owners to place targeted ads based on specific keywords. Through the Google Display Network, products or services can be promoted on various sites partnered with Google to increase exposure and enhance business visibility on Google SERPs.
  • Social Media AdsContent marketing and advertising through Ads features on social media provide flexibility for business owners to customize ads according to their budget.
  • Email Marketing: By sending timely information, special offers, or discounts via email, business owners can maintain relationships with customers.
  • AdvertorialAn effective way for soft-selling marketing by presenting informative and quality articles containing information about products/services.

The benefits of the above online media promotion include:

  • Reaching a wider and precisely targeted audience.
  • Strengthening trust through digital presence by showcasing testimonials, positive reviews, and product/service portfolios.
  • More dynamic interaction between business entities and customers.
  • Allowing performance metric analysis to track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

Types of Offline Media Promotion

Offline media promotion is often referred to as conventional media because it does not rely on the Internet for content distribution. Here are some examples of offline media promotion:

  • Brochures and Pamphlets: Small-sized sheets containing information needed by potential customers about specific products or services.
  • Posters: Large-sized promotional media displayed on the roadside or in busy centers.
  • Promotional Tents: Erected at specific events where companies set up stands or booths to conduct promotions. 

The benefits of offline media promotion include:

  • Effectively reaching the local market.
  • Allowing physical and sensory interaction as it is conducted directly.
  • Not relying on an internet connection.

This concludes the explanation of what is promotional advertisement, its types, and its benefits for businesses to increase revenue. 

All the benefits of promotional media can ultimately be achieved with the implementation of the right and well-planned strategies.

In the digital era, one of the promotional media that can enhance the visibility and authority of your brand is through Media Buying.

Media buying is the process of purchasing advertising space or airtime on various media and trusted news portals in Indonesia.

If you encounter challenges in maximizing SEO strategies or intend to implement promotional strategies through Media Buying, then the Media Buying Services by cmlabs can be a reliable partner to help you dominate the digital search space. Let's collaborate and contact the cmlabs Marketing Team now!

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