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List of Digital Marketing Services to Boost your Business

Last updated: Aug 22, 2022

List of Digital Marketing Services to Boost your Business
Cover image: the illustration of digital marketing searching on search engine to improve SEO performance. Check out the various types of digital marketing services and tips for choosing the right service provider for your business in this guide.

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There are many digital marketing services that offer convenience to achieve your business goals. Digital marketing services are an effective way to achieve the desired results in business. But to get there, you need to understand the right strategy, how it works, and the various types of digital marketing that can be applied.

We wrote this guide to help you learn more about the types of digital marketing services. We have presented each with an explanation of the most effective types of Digital Marketing, their benefits and purposes, and when and how to use them.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a strategy to market the products or services of a business by utilizing digital media and internet networks. This strategy is widely used to help a company build brand awareness, reach more customers, and achieve other business goals.

Over time, the media used for marketing also continues to grow. If you used to do marketing through print media, now you can use digital platforms to market your products or services online.

This digital marketing method has proven to be quite effective in helping your business grow. But if you don't want to spend time learning digital marketing best practices, asking a digital marketing service provider for help is the right solution for your business.

What Can You Expect from a Digital Agency?

Both large-scale businesses (enterprise level) and small-scale businesses (SMEs) require the best strategy for marketing their products or services. One of them is through a digital marketing strategy. However, this strategy can be an obstacle for businesses that are not supported by a professional digital marketing team.

That is the reason why a business needs digital marketing services. Because working with digital agencies can help business owners get professional advice and guidance in digital marketing practices. In addition, they will also help you evaluate and improve your strategy to achieve business goals.

A digital marketing agency is a party that offers services to assist your business in carrying out the digital marketing process. By using digital marketing services, you can focus more on carrying out other responsibilities to achieve business goals.

Tell the digital marketing agency about the business goals you want to achieve and who your target customers are. Then, they will come up with a solution to help you develop a marketing campaign that will attract a large number of customers.

Working with them can help you get professional advice and guidance in digital marketing practice. If you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency, you may be wondering what to expect from them. Some of the other things you can expect from a digital agency are as follows:

  • Well-planned strategies - a good digital marketing agency will create marketing plans and strategies that are in line with the company's vision and values.
  • Experienced team - You can expect that the digital agency team consists of experienced professionals in the field of marketing to make business goals easier to achieve.
  • Open communication - You can expect digital marketing agencies to have good communication, so you can discuss to find marketing strategies and get transparency reports that are updated regularly.
  • Able to generate leads - one of the goals you might expect when hiring a digital agency is to get more customers.
  • Cost expectations - You should consider how much it will cost you to hire the most suitable digital marketing agency.

A good digital marketing agency takes time to understand the company's values ​​and vision. That way, they can create marketing strategies that can meet consumer desires and increase the success of your business.

Various Digital Marketing Services

The strategies used in digital marketing are very diverse. Each strategy has its own experts, so the services offered by digital marketing services are also diverse. The following are the various services provided by digital marketing services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the digital marketing strategies is to apply SEO. This aims to make the business website rank high in search results, thereby potentially increasing traffic to the website.

With SEO, you can improve your organic search domination, without placing ads. Examples of digital marketing in the SEO field are technical SEO optimization, high-quality SEO content creation, and the practice of building high-quality backlinks. To optimize all three, you can take advantage of the following digital marketing services:

Expert SEO Consultant Services

Expert  SEO consulting services will help you conduct a site audit and determine the right SEO strategy for your website. They will evaluate the implementation of SEO as a whole, starting from the on-page, off-page, and technical sides.

This practice is good for supporting long-term business growth. Because it can make your website last a long time in the top search results and can increase the credibility of the website.

As we know, website optimization is an ongoing process and requires a lot of time. Therefore, the help of an SEO expert can ease your burden in improving website performance.

Content Writing Services

Figure 2: A picture of a laptop with an open screen and two hands on it as an illustration of content writing services. With the help of professional writing services, you can produce high-quality content.

Internet users and search engines prefer high-quality and relevant content. Therefore, you need to create content that helps users, is written by experts, and conveys reliable information.

Apart from that, you also need to add some keywords that users might search for so that your content will show up as relevant search results.

For those of you who don't have the ability to create your own content, we recommend that you use a content writing service. That way, you will be assisted by professional content writers to produce high-quality content that can bring more traffic to your website.

High-quality Link Building Services

One of the ways to improve SEO performance is to build high-quality backlinks. The number of high-quality backlinks will make your website more trusted by Google and its users.

However, getting high-quality backlinks that comply with Google guidelines is not easy. You need to do several ways such as creating quality content, outreach to other web owners, social media promotion, and so on. As an easier and more effective solution, you can take advantage of Backlink Services from cmlabs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy for creating and distributing content that can bring in potential customers. Content marketing is also important to build user trust in your business. In practice, you need to create content that is relevant to the user's niche and search intent.

However, producing high-quality content requires writing skills and an understanding of the SEO field, so that the resulting content can be well understood by users and search engines. A quick way to improve the performance of your content on search engines is to use Content Marketing Services.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a type of digital marketing that is done through the promotion of products or services on search engines. For example, making landing pages for products or services, installing paid ads, and so on.

The purpose of implementing SEM is to improve website performance faster. This strategy is suitable for those of you who want to promote a newly built website because SEM can help you reach your audience and bring in traffic at an early stage.

Social Media Marketing

Figure 3: various social media platforms that you can use to support digital marketing activities. Social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Digital marketing services usually also provide social media marketing services, namely marketing strategies that aim to reach target customers through social media. This strategy is very effective for your business because nowadays people spend more time accessing social media than television or newspapers.

Social media marketing can be done by sharing marketing campaigns through text messages, websites, emails, mobile applications, and various other social media. This way, you can attract more potential customers from their phones.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy through email. Until now, this strategy is still one of the effective digital marketing techniques. This strategy aims to provide information about the company's products or services to potential customers so that they can turn them into customers.

Digital marketing services will help you create personalized email marketing according to the recipient, create messages that convey the urgency of your product or service offering, and allow recipients to set preferences for the frequency of emails received.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes the popularity of a person or social media influencer to offer a product or service. In practice, companies will cooperate and compensate influencers who are willing to promote their products or services.

Now affiliate marketing has become a popular digital marketing strategy. Because each influencer will engage their followers through posts, videos, or other content that attracts more leads for your business. In recent years, a lot of affiliate marketing has been done on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and so on.

Website Development Services

Figure 4: Illustration of a programmer who is synonymous with website creation services. Website development agencies will usually create websites according to their client's requests.

A website is a series of interrelated web pages under the same domain. Internet users can access the website through a web browser application by entering a specific URL or website address.

Currently, the website has become one of the media that is widely used to assist a company in increasing brand awareness, and credibility, to help achieve business goals.

If you don't have a business website and don't have the skills to create one. You don't need to worry because digital marketing agencies usually also offer website creation services. They will help you prepare the things needed to develop a website, from design to web content, domains, and hosting.

Tips for Choosing Digital Marketing Services

We understand that there are thousands of digital marketing services out there, often making it difficult for you to choose the best digital agency for your business. Therefore, we will describe several ways to choose digital marketing services:

  • Find out why your business needs a digital agency
  • Do some research on some of the best digital marketing service providers
  • Compare the advantages of the products or services they offer
  • Consider the transparency of reports from each digital marketing agency
  • Take a look at the SEO case studies they've made
  • Check the reviews given by previous clients.


That is a comprehensive guide on what digital marketing is, what you can expect from a digital agency, various digital marketing services, to tips for choosing the most appropriate digital marketing service for your business.

If you don't have enough time to learn digital marketing independently, you can ask for help from a digital marketing service provider to help market your products or services. The professional digital marketing team will facilitate your steps to achieve the expected business goals.

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