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What is Blogwalking? How to Do It and Its Impacts on SEO

Last updated: Mar 15, 2023

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Managing a blog or website may not be new to many people. In the process, you may also become familiar with the term blogwalking and its activities.

The term originated from the words "blog" and "walking." Although taken from English, this term is better known among blog managers or bloggers in Indonesia.

In this guide, we will discuss what blogwalking is, its advantages, methods, and impact on SEO.

What is Blogwalking?

what is blogwalking
Figure 1: Illustration of blogwalking, which is a blog visiting activity for a specific purpose.

Blogwalking is an activity carried out by blog managers or bloggers where they visit various websites with a specific purpose.

This activity is optional and is not required to be carried out as part of site maintenance or optimization activities.

The activities carried out here include browsing blog content, leaving comments, and adding associations through outreach with fellow bloggers.

Usually, observing other blogs is an activity that begins with compiling blogs that attract the attention of bloggers.

After finding a suitable blog or website, the blogger will read the content and understand its contents.

In addition to reading content, such activities allow you to leave messages in the comments column of a page.

All of the things mentioned above are the things you do when you blogwalk, which is an activity to find new ideas for a blogger.

Visits to each blog can provide their own benefits for you. For more information about its advantages, see the points below.

The Advantages of Blogwalking

After getting to know what blogwalking is, you might wonder why many of these activities are carried out by blog managers.

The following is a description of each of the benefits that you can get from this planned blog visit activity:

Obtain New Ideas

"Walking" around the other blogs can help you get new ideas for article writing. This is a solution for keyword research, which can be difficult to do at times.

Not only for articles on blogs, you can also take advantage of new insights from observing other blogs to create content on social media and other digital platforms.

It can be said, visiting other blogs is an activity that can encourage content-based marketing activities or organic content marketing.

However, keep in mind that this new idea must be processed again. Avoid content plagiarism, even if the idea comes from the same keyword or topic.

Make sure the articles you write prioritize the principles of E-E-A-T and comply with SEO rules so that they are rated as quality content by Google and occupy the top position of the SERP.

Promoting Website

Visits to other blogs are an opportunity to promote your website. The way to do this is to leave a website link in the comments column.

Even though it looks easy, you can't keep leaving links in other blog comments because it could be considered spam.

Before promoting your website, you need to write context-appropriate comments on related blog pages.

Expanding Connections

Think of the activity as something like socializing with your business partners. From this activity, you can expand your connections, which may turn into business relations.

Start the conversation with a discussion around the topic being discussed. If the blog manager starts discussing this topic with you, then continue communicating so you can become closer and exchange lots of other information.

Quality Evaluation

You can blogwalk to compare the quality of your website with the others’. By reviewing other blogs, you can check how good your content is compared to competitors in the same business niche.

Even from this activity, you can see which sides of the website are lacking and need to be addressed, such as the style of writing articles, the use of images, and choosing topics.

Learn How to Blogwalk

how to blogwalk
Figure 2: Illustration of how to blogwalk, which can be done by blog managers.

In general, visiting blogs and taking notes on them is easy to learn. This activity does not require a specific tool. You only need to implement a measurable strategy so that the results from reviewing these blogs can be useful for optimizing your website.

For that, get to know how to blogwalk to get the above benefits by implementing a few points below:

Compile a List of Blogs with the Same Niche as Yours

The first step into blogwalk is to list blogs in the same niche as your business. In doing so, you can make the activity more focused and measurable.

Avoid spending a long time on blogs that have different niches. For that, make sure the information you get from other blogs is closely related to your website.

Gather several blogs that provide useful content and rank highly on the SERPs. It's your benchmark for learning and outperforming your competitors.

Understand the Content

Apart from narrowing your search to a niche, you also have to understand the content of the blogs you visit. At this stage, you can review how good their article structure and writing are.

Write down the weaknesses and strengths that the blog has as evaluation material for articles on your own website.

On the other hand, you also need to see how strong the SEO quality of their articles is in terms of keyword density, writing meta titles and meta descriptions, and using internal links and external links.

Leave Relevant Comments

Blogwalking is not just an activity to visit other blogs. You need to use this opportunity to discuss with other people who are in the same business field.

However, make sure that the comments you provide are relevant to the topic on the blog page. That way, you can get responses from other visitors.

The Impact of Blogwalking on SEO

Blogwalking is something that, at first glance, does not have a big impact on SEO. This activity is more appropriately categorized as a method to expand connections by socializing.

However, it is possible that blogwalking can have a positive impact on your SEO performance. So, how exactly do you do it?

Of course, blogwalk can leave traces in the form of your website link in the comments column of the blog you visit.

Be sure to write comments that are relevant to the topic and can help other visitors understand the blog page you are visiting.

Informative comments can attract other visitors to read the information from the link you include. This is where selecting the right and appropriate response to a specific topic of discussion comes into play.

Even so, your website will not experience an increase in traffic if the blog you visit implements nofollow.

Blogs that implement nofollow do not allow Google to follow links in the comments column and provide additional traffic to your website.


Broadly speaking, you can blogwalk by observing blogs to get quality comparisons. If you are interested in this activity, be sure to do it with a measurable strategy so that you can carry out an optimal website audit.

An efficient website optimization solution besides blogwalking is to use SEO services from cmlabs. With this optimization service, you don't need to do keyword research and do a website audit yourself.

The SEO specialist from cmlabs will help you improve website performance based on SEO principles with a strategy of writing articles and measurable technical audits.



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