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Written by cmlabs, Oct 04 2021

Jakarta - cmlabs released a new mobile application known as cmlabs Lite App on 4 October 2021, this application is based on Android and Software as a Services (Saas). The main goal of the application is to support the SEO activities which make it easier for users to view and track SERP data, as well as various features from cmlabs only from mobile phones anywhere and anytime.

cmlabs Lite App provides many features that support the SEO activities, such as tracking daily keyword positions and tracking daily ranking distributions on the SERP. Users can view the Google Search Volume data, market share, and positions based on the website competitors, comparing user websites with the competitors in the competitive landscape.

Users can track multiple domains, multiple keywords, search and filtering the keywords according to user needs, see the historical data of several features on the cmlabs App Lite. Not only that, the user can be export the graphic data to an image and saved it to the user's devices. To add and/or manage domain and keywords, you can directly access to cmlabs Analytics desktop version on

On the profile page, there is a section about balance and usage summary that informs the user how's the current balance and usage amount of the account, we also provide the balance history and user activity log. User can update their account too at the personal information menu. If you want to top-up your balance, please visit the cmlabs Analytics desktop version.

To get all features above, you must have an account on the cmlabs Analytics, to register the account you can visit and fulfill the required personal data. You can log in on the cmlabs Lite App by email or easily sign in with Google, this application is already available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded by the public. You can access or download this app at

To find more about cmlabs products and services, you can directly visit and if you want to know more about cmlabs App Lite please contact the marketing team at (+62) 822-600-600-71 or send us an email at

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Note: We have attached some of the most common questions asked by users below, along with their answers. To use the cmlabs Keyword Ranking Tracker application, you don't need to request for a quote from marketing. Please click login to the application.

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