cmlabs Employee Benefits

As a member of cmlabs team, everyone will have full access to a wide range of benefits. Weare concerned about everyone's well-being so that they can focus on our mission which is tobe the best SEO company.

It's important to us that everyone feels healthy and happy

It is crucial to have happy and healthy employees for the sake of productivity. Feeling content also drives employees to have a positive attitude in the workplace, which leads them to be inventive. Read the full benefits at cmlabs in the following table

Explore your benefits with cmlabs
Community and personal development
  1. Sharing session
  2. We want to make sure that everyone can grow in cmlabs. We are driven by the idea that knowledgeable employees are the biggest assets in the company.

  3. Peer learning
  4. Peer learning enables you to collaborate with your colleagues and learn new skills. Any collaboration of peers can be considered as peer learning and we believe it will narrow knowledge gaps between the employees.

Financial wellbeing
  1. Competitive compensation
  2. We are concerned about our employees' financial well-being, that is why we make sure it meets their expectations.

  3. Regular bonus and equity refresh opportunity
  4. The more you show great performance, the more bonus you will receive.

  5. Six months salary equity analysis and adjustment
  6. We evaluate everyone’s performance every six months to adjust and possibly raise the salary.

Flexibility and time off
  1. Hybrid Working Environment
    We apply Hybrid work to offer greater flexibility. Our employees can choose whether to work remotely or commute to the office.

  2. Flexible Working Hours
    We encourage our employees to take advantage of flexible working hours that offer greater choice. They can decide their prime time to work in a day. This is an effective way to increase work-life balance.

  3. Paid leave
    Annual leave, sickness, and any special events are considered paid leave. We want our employees to have a relax-off so that they come back with other valuable opportunities.

  4. Unpaid leave
    In certain conditions, unpaid leave is applied to our employees. We make sure everyone has their rights.

  5. Part-time
    We have a part-time program that can benefit students or anyone who wants to participate in achieving our mission.

Miscellaneous allowances
  1. Employment insurance and health insurance
  2. We prepare for the future by providing comprehensive healthcare and employment insurance for a better quality of life.

cmlabs extras
  1. Comfort office
  2. To boost employees' productivity, we provide a cozy office complete with a garden and other facilities.

  3. Breakfast and lunch
  4. Working in a pleasant atmosphere might need something more. Food will be perfect to cheer up everyone in the cozy office.

Equal opportunity

cmlabs not only accept difference, but we embrace it. cmlabs is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We solely employ someone based on their qualification and competence regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, marital status, pregnancy or related condition (including breastfeeding), or any other basis protected by law.

It is cmlabs's policy to be indiscriminate to all employees and applicants. We are responsible to provide equal opportunity for everyone

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Meet cmlabs's strongest assets, our team. We love to share our company's values and maintain employees' well-being for the sake of great results. See more

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A growing team of cmlabs that unite by the company values.

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