Celebrating 5th Anniversary, cmlabs Is Ready to Enter the Global Market

Written by cmlabs, May 14 2024

Celebrating 5th Anniversary, cmlabs Is Ready to Enter the Global Market
Cover image: The celebration of cmlabs' 5th anniversary was lively and accompanied by a commitment to expand strategies into the global market.

Today, cmlabs celebrates its 5th anniversary. Equipped with a strong ecosystem and expert teams that support each other, cmlabs is now taking firm steps to explore new market shares in the Southeast Asia region and beyond.

Over the past five years, cmlabs has successfully become a reliable partner in meeting all the needs for professional SEO products and services for many large and well-known companies in Indonesia.

The management team of cmlabs always sets revenue targets at least 2 times higher than the previous year. As a result, after successfully achieving the set targets and experiencing rapid growth in 2023, cmlabs is now ready to enter larger markets in the Southeast Asia region in 2024.


Special Logo for cmlabs 5th Anniversary

Figure 1: Special logo for cmlabs 5th anniversary.

To celebrate the excitement of this anniversary, cmlabs has released an iconic and meaningful logo. The philosophy behind the logo reflects the principles and aspirations of the company as cmlabs' experience and achievements grow. Here's an explanation of each element of the logo:

  • Geometrically Constructed Number 5: Emphasizing cmlabs' characteristics as a systematic SEO company that always applies a structured approach in every strategy, initiative, and projection developed.
  • Circle at the Bottom End: Symbolizing cmlabs' journey and ambition to continue innovating — starting from forming the number 5 (five), the circle at the end almost connects to the next line to form the number 6 (six), indicating that cmlabs is on a journey to strengthen its foundation to welcome the company's sixth year.
  • Blunt Shape: Illustrating the supportive attitude of the team, with no sharp competition or potential harm to fellow colleagues, and that cmlabs prioritizes collaboration and equality, where every team member is valued and empowered.
  • Variety of Logo Size: This signifies the dynamic challenges faced by the company, that in every endeavor, there are different series of efforts (some requiring more resources and time than others).
  • Color Combination: Indicating the diversity of ideas from each team. Despite being wrapped in various backgrounds, skills, cultures, and experiences, every individual in cmlabs unites under the same vision.


*The colors used in the logo are cmblue, cmyellow, cmblack, cmpurple, cmred, cmwhite, and cmgreen, which have been the colors of the cmlabs brand for the past 5 years and beyond.


Vision and Mission of cmlabs Moving Forward

Since 2019, the present, and beyond, the entire team at cmlabs has shared the same goal: to make cmlabs more than just a service provider, but a reliable partner for clients in their journey and success in business on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others).

In the future, cmlabs will continue to commit to developing and providing exclusive SEO products and services for companies looking to maximize their visibility in the digital sphere.

Moreover, cmlabs' R&D team has now taken a step further in gathering data, conducting surveys, and collaborating with external parties to study hypotheses of behavioral changes and potential shifts in search engine usage preferences towards social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, X, Youtube, and others), especially among Generation Z. This means that in the near future, cmlabs will not be limited to search engine optimization services but will also encompass social media platforms.

In the 5th year and the years to come, cmlabs will continue to commit to upholding, reflecting, and implementing the company's values with a focus on team collaboration, strategic planning, and harmonious diversity. The cmlabs ecosystem consisting of Sequence Stat, Vanguar, Traffic Farm, and VISUWISU will also be further strengthened to be mature enough to enter the Southeast Asian and global markets.


Celebrating 5 Years of cmlabs

cmlabs has been one of the pioneers in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. With a focus on honing innovation, creativity, and providing the best service, we have achieved remarkable milestones over the past five years.

To celebrate this remarkable five-year journey, we held a series of events and invited the entire team to commemorate this proud achievement. Below are images captured from all the activities and excitement of cmmates.

Image 1: The entire cmlabs team joined a badminton tournament to celebrate the 5th anniversary.
Image 2: The entire cmlabs team competed in decorating cakes to celebrate the birthday.


Image 3: Appreciation to the teams receiving several awards.

Several media outlets also commemorated cmlabs' 5th anniversary celebration. Explore some coverage by the following media outlets:

1. Suara

2. Pikiran Rakyat

3. Kontan 

4. Sonora

5. Tribun News 

6. Marketeers

7. VOI

8. Kompas

9. Hipwee

Explore other proud achievements of cmlabs in handling the SEO needs of renowned businesses/companies in Indonesia and globally in the SEO Case Studies of cmlabs.

If you have further questions about cmlabs and the ecosystem we possess, please email us at [email protected].

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