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7 Ways to Market Products Online During Ramadan with SEO
Cover image: Illustration of how to market products online, including food during Ramadan, with SEO.

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To stay relevant online during Ramadan, you need to understand how to market products online with measurable strategies.

Learning how to market products online can be an effective strategy for promoting your business, considering the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia every year.

In 2023, there are 212.9 million active internet users in Indonesia. This number increased from the previous year, which was 204.7 million.

Therefore, many businesspeople are looking for online marketing tips so that the profits they get during special moments, such as Ramadan, are maximized.

There are many ways on how to market products online, from creating websites and managing social media to using SEO strategies.

Through promoting business products online, you can reach target audiences from local to global markets, expand your business reach, and increase sales efficiently and effectively.

In an increasingly competitive business world, it is necessary to use technology and online marketing strategies to increase competitiveness in order to maintain existence.

However, businesspeople need to understand how to market products online to gain insight into the right market, customers, and strategies to promote their product or service.

Therefore, it is important to know effective ways of marketing products online and develop strategies that suit your business.

7 Ways to Market Online Products During Ramadan with SEO

how to market products online with seo
Figure 1: Illustration of how to market products online during Ramadan with SEO 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a way of marketing online products that focuses on efforts to increase website rankings on search results pages, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

With the right SEO strategy, your business's visibility can increase during Ramadan. This tactic can help you attract more visitors to your website organically.

Website optimization with measured SEO strategies can increase a website's visibility in search engine search results effectively.

The implementation is to follow the online product marketing method below: 

1. Define Branding

Your business identity is the most important thing in product or service marketing activities. Here, the company name or branding has a major impact on consumer interest in the products offered.

To be relevant to consumers during Ramadan, company branding also needs to be adjusted.

For example, the branding of your car rental service can be maximized during Ramadan with the use of a distinctive design.

In this case, you can also provide special Ramadan promotions or offers in order to attract more consumers.

For example, consumers who use car rental services to go home within a certain period of time will get a discount according to applicable regulations.

2. Finding the Target Audience

After determining the branding, the next step is finding the target audience. These good marketing strategies are crucial to online promotional activities.

By finding the right target audience, the application of online product marketing methods can be more focused so as to get quality leads.

The way that can be done at this stage is to do a competitive analysis, where you observe competitors' websites to determine what kind of audience needs to be targeted.

3. Creating High-Quality Content

SEO relies a lot on high-quality content. Therefore, take advantage of the Ramadan moment by presenting website pages with articles that are relevant to the market.

In accordance with promotional needs, your website content also needs to be structured in such a way as to capture the audience's interests or search trends during Ramadan.

For example, bakery business people can create content about Eid gift ideas with Eid hampers.

In this content, a CTA (call to action) can also be included, which leads to product pages or orders via other communication channels, such as WhatsApp.

4. Using Targeted Keywords

Don't forget to use keywords in the content on your website. Keywords are arguably one of the most important elements in an SEO strategy.

With keywords, the content you create can appear according to search queries that are relevant to your business niche.

The keywords also need to be adjusted for business needs. Make sure the content created is in accordance with the search intent of the keywords used.

5. Optimizing Website Pages

On the other hand, you also need to optimize the website's pages as a whole. At this stage, monitoring of the website from a technical point of view needs to be done so that pages can be easily accessed.

Website page optimization can be done by reviewing several aspects, such as page speed and mobile friendliness.

To see page access speed and how well your website pages appear on mobile device screens, use the Page Speed Test and Mobile Friendliness Test from cmlabs. 

6. Implement Off-Page SEO

If optimization efforts from within the website are still not optimal, off-page SEO can be applied.

To do this optimization, you can use backlinks or get mentions in well-known media.

Another thing you can do is do guest posting, where you write articles for other websites.

Articles created can expand the reach of your business. Audiences from other websites who are interested in the article have the opportunity to visit the website to get to know your business more closely.

7. Registering a Business on Google Business Profile

In order for the online product marketing method to run optimally, you need to use every tool that supports business promotion.

For that, use the Google Business Profile so that your business can be found easily by the target audience.

The use of the Google Business Profile may be familiar to businesses that offer products or services online.

This tool can be the right strategy for implementing how to market food products during Ramadan. The reason is that consumer demand for this product increases significantly when this holy month arrives.

You can also implement an SEO strategy using a Google Business Profile. Make sure to always use keywords that are relevant to your business niche.

In addition, complete the business information, from the business name to a physical store location that customers can visit in person.

Thus, our information about how to market products online with SEO for Ramadan.

To make promotional activities easier, you can use SEO services from experts in their field. With SEO, your website can be found more easily by the target audience on the SERP.

The more audience the website gets, the greater the chance for your business to benefit.

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