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9 Hotel Promotion Strategies with Organic Optimization
Cover image: Illustration of hotel promotion using SEO to get the best rating on the SERP

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Take advantage of the school holidays to carry out massive hotel promotion strategies digitally.

Marketing hotel products and services is now more effective by optimizing business visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Just like offline hotel promotion activities, digital marketing also requires money.

However, not all marketing budgets must be spent on advertising. Therefore, it is very important to find channels to promote effectively.

In other words, the promotion strategy used comes from organic search.

Internet users themselves will be able to find information related to your hotel's services. If they're interested, they may even click on the website page.

Therefore, it is very important for hotel website managers to present relevant information that can answer questions based on internet user search queries.

Hotel promotion activities can be carried out optimally without having to rely on high-cost advertising.

You only need the right keywords to optimize website pages with an SEO strategy.

There are other steps that can be taken to implement the optimization strategy. The full explanation can be seen below.

9 Digital Hotel Promotion Strategies Without Paid Ads

hotel promotion strategies to help increase room booking
Figure 1: Illustration of hotel bookings on the website from organic hotel promotion activities

In recent years, digital penetration has increased. From 2020 to 2023, there will be an increase in digital penetration of 1.39%.

In 2023, the digital penetration rate will be recorded at 67.9%. That means more and more users are using digital platforms to search for information.

Searching for information here, of course, involves search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In addition, social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok also play a role in hotel promotion activities in this digital era.

Please note that digital promotion does not only refer to the use of paid advertising. So, how do you promote hotels on the internet without paying for advertising?

Here are seven hotel promotion strategies without advertising that can be implemented to get long-term benefits:

1. Create an Attractive Hotel Website

31% of potential customers always look for inspiration on the internet before deciding to buy a product or service from a business.

With a website that represents a business in search results, a brand identity will be built, making the business more credible in the eyes of users.

Having an informative and distinctive website that will characterize a hotel brand will make you stand out from competitors who only rely on social media in digital marketing.

Therefore, creating a hotel website is the first step that needs to be taken in carrying out digital promotions.

The more the website is known on the internet, the more credible your hotel brand will be in the eyes of your target audience.

2. Focus on Engagement with Audiences

The consumer is king. This statement must be remembered when implementing digital hotel promotion methods.

Even though they don't interact face-to-face, business people in the hospitality sector must pay attention to the needs of potential guests by providing good hospitality.

The way to do this is to check if the email and room details have been delivered correctly to the guest.

Make sure to add details about promotions, facilities, and activities at the hotel for entertainment options during the vacation.

With these hospitality services in check, guests who come will feel satisfied with the experience of staying at the hotel and leave good reviews.

Those who are very satisfied with the hotel's services tend to come back again in the coming holiday season.

3. Intensify Seasonal Promotions

In general, the promotional season in the hotel industry is divided into two parts: peak and off-peak.

The two seasons certainly require the application of different hotel promotion methods. You could say that the success of the hotel business depends on the marketing strategy in both seasons.

During peak season, hotel guests will make many room reservations, both for business and personal reasons.

For this reason, the right marketing strategy in this case is to offer effective pricing packages and yield management techniques to get more bookings.

As for the off-peak season, hotel promotions can be carried out by offering room availability for celebrations, seminars, and workshops to increase bookings.

During holiday seasons, hotels can promote room offers for families. Usually, this package includes other entertainment facilities at the hotel that are specifically reserved under certain conditions.

4. Invite Travel Bloggers and Content Creators

Knowing how to promote hotel business digitally can help the business gain visibility and credibility. One way to do it is by inviting travel bloggers and content creators.

Blog writers and content creators here need to create articles and content about their experience staying at the hotel.

After articles and content are uploaded on their platform, followers of these bloggers and content creators will see them.

This way, your hotel will be able to get more exposure and a wider target audience.

5. Use Content Marketing Strategies

During the school holiday season, potential hotel guests will not only look for information about the right accommodation for them.

Finding information about the geographical location of the hotel is a consideration for them. In this case, the consideration involves tourist sites that can be visited around the hotel area.

Therefore, take advantage of this search habit by providing content that discusses interesting places to spend vacation time in hotel business locations.

Besides that, the hotel website can also be filled with content about traditions, culture, and culinary specialties from the location where the business is located.

Make sure to use the right keywords. For that, do keyword research and use SEO principles so that the article can be optimized well.

6. Share Information on Social Media

Apart from using the website optimally, implementing digital hotel promotion strategies can be done through social media.

The use of social media for information searches is now widely practiced. Therefore, using these platforms is a strategy that can give hotels a boost in digital search.

For example, you could use Twitter to create an interesting thread about a hotel's geographic location that relates to its tourism potential.

Besides that, use platforms like TikTok to create content about hotel facilities, which can certainly attract users' attention.

Don't forget to optimize social media content by using keywords that are relevant to your search intent.

7. Improve Hotel SEO

Digital hotel promotion without paid advertising can be briefly described with these two words: "Hotel SEO".

This specific SEO strategy for hospitality is aimed at increasing the visibility of hotel websites and encouraging potential visitors to make bookings.

With measurable optimization in the hospitality niche, the website's position on the SERP can increase, and the intended target audience can find your hotel services.

8. Maximize Local Search with Local SEO

Target the local market to increase conversion opportunities during the school holidays. Currently, it is not uncommon for travelers to do staycations to spend their free time.

The 2023 tourism trend also predicts that many Indonesians will prefer to travel in local areas rather than leave the area.

To optimize hotel promotion in this case, you can use local SEO, which focuses on searching in local-scale markets.

9. Register Your Business on Google Business Profile

To make your business easy to find and review, be sure to register it on your Google Business Profile.

The use of this Google Business Profile can help the target audience see the credibility of the hotel based on reviews left by visitors.

Complete the information on your Google Business Profile, including the hotel location. That way, your hotel will be linked to Google Maps, making it easy for potential guests to find it.

Thus, the information about how to promote hotel business on the internet without spending a budget on paid advertising.

To be seen as credible, your hotel business needs to have a website that performs well on the SERPs.

To help your hotel business achieve optimal performance, you can use SEO services managed by experts in their field.

With the help of an SEO specialist, your website will be able to get increased organic traffic and visibility on search results pages.

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