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Website Optimization on Google Search Pages Using JSON-LD

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a method for storing information to make it easily accessible and organized.

by Rosida Eka


Breaking Down the Digital Marketing Strategy of

Ruangmom is a website with successful digital marketing strategies. Learn how they quickly increase their traffic here.

by Melynda Kusuma


GZIP Compression - Tricks to Speed Up Website Performance

GZIP Compression is software that functions to compress files to speed up website loading time.

by Rosida Eka


From this article category, cmlabs will give some educational insights about SEO, Content Writing, Copywriting, Online Marketing, and other related topics.


We initiate a discussion in a small group to learn and understand brands and enterprises from SEO and Marketing point of view.

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Currently cmlabs focuses on two topics: Research-based Article and Opinion & Analysis. We will be developing other relevant categories in the near future.



Starting from May 2020, we run a brand-new program, which is inviting SEO and Digital Marketing experts as our blog contributor for publishing an in-depth analytic writing. We run this schema in cmlabs blog. You can always stay updated with their insightful writings on our blog by subscribing cmlabs' newsletter.

Andaru Pramudito Suhud



All About Data-Driven and The Problems of Data Scientists

Empowering data and awareness of data literacy from top to bottom (data-driven) is an ecosystem, not just a linear process. There are two methods used by data scientists. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Learn more about data driven here.

Muhammad Ilman Akbar



Content Writing – Guides & How to Create SEO Articles

For beginners who are just about to learn or even experts, writing activity has its own challenges. Especially in terms of writing SEO articles. Want to learn how to make SEO articles? Here, cmlabs online guide will help you learn what content writing is in the right way!

hangga nuarta



How SEO Marketing Supports SMEs and STARTUP

Business owners often feel confused about what strategy to take to bring their brand to the face of potential customers, especially online. For SMEs / MSMEs and startups, SEO is important because it is the marketing with the lowest acquisition cost. Prove it now!

Udhi Sapto Vilanata



SEO Copywriting, 5 Key Points For Content Optimization

Writing is never easy, but there are always certain tricks for producing high quality content. In SEO copywriting, you need to pay attention to a number of aspects for content optimization. Are you a new copywriter? Don't worry, these 5 points will help.

Rochman Maarif



My Theorem & Alibi for Google SEO in Indonesia

Marketing in every era has its own style. As the internet grew, a new term for content optimization in search engines began to emerge, known as SEO. Read arguments and arguments related to the development of SEO marketing, especially in Indonesia. By Rochman Maarif, SEO Specialist.

selena traveloka



What is Search Intent and How to Target Customers

Have you ever typed keywords in Google and the results you wanted immediately came up? That's because Google understands the Search Intent of the keywords. Search intent (or user intent, audience intent) is a term used to describe a search objective on Google search.

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Content Writer: Get to Know the Types, Skills, and Responsibilities

Content Writer is someone who is an expert in writing content or materials for websites, print media, products, or other media. Learn more about the types of writers, skills, and responsibilities of this occupation.


Discover the thoughts and research-based writings from cmlabs specialists through these following articles. We regularly publish SEO and Marketing-related contents every week. Always get notified by subscribing to the cmlabs blog's e-mail.

Woo Commerce: WP Plugin for E-Commerce Website

WooCommerce adalah plugin wordpress yang berguna untuk membantu situs ecommerce atau online shop UMKM hingga bisnis menengah.

by Rosida Eka

Ahref VS Ubersuggest: Competition Between Two Popular Keyword Tools

Find out about the features and functions comparison between Ahref tools and Ubersuggest in this article.

by Rosida Eka

7 Important Functions of Yoast SEO for Blogging

Maximize the Wordpress blogging performance by implementing Yoast SEO plugin. Learn about the complete features and functions here.

by Rosida Eka

Internet Marketing Strategies with Google Ads

Bagi pemilik website, peningkatan traffic sangatlah penting. Oleh karena itu, perlu mempelajari strategi internet marketing, khususnya paid search dengan Google Ads.

by Sulistyo Winardi

Google Analytics for the Development of Startup

Google Analytics is very helpful for business owners in marketing their business online and optimally analyzing startup developments.

oleh Happy Prasida

SEO Image Optimization Tips for an SEO-friendly Website

Image SEO is an image optimization technique for creating SEO Friendly websites. The following are SEO Image optimization tips for content writers.

oleh Nur Sa’ida Kismurdiani

Basic Programming: A Quick Tutorial

Programming languages are not the only things programmers need to understand, there is a lot of logics to learn. This is the basic logic of programming.

by Geofany Galindra

Best 6 Free Tools for Website Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools are not always "paid". Check out the recommendations for 6 free quality SEO tools to help the optimization process.

by Alvina Vivian Wardhani

Maximize Off-page SEO Performance: Boost Website Traffic

You need to know that on-page SEO is not a major concern, increasing traffic also needs maximizing off-page SEO.

by Ruli Wahyuni

Dwell Time and Its Impact on SEO

In what ways does dwell time affect SEO? Is it true that dwell time is an SEO ranking factor? Read more and check the facts here.

by Selsi Selvia

25 Most Popular SEO Terms and Guidelines

For those of you who are learning about the world of SEO, it is important to know the following 30 most popular terms in SEO.

oleh Ruli Wahyuni

10 Digital Marketing Tools for SEO Specialists

Increase website traffic to support digital marketing and enter the Google first page using these 10 free SEO tools.

by Ruli Wahyuni

Mastering Search Intent and Google Search for Target Customers

Search intent (user intent, audience intent) is a term used to describe the purpose of searching in Google search.

by Annissa Manystighosa

6 Important Tips to Blogging Content Planning

To grow and maintain a blog is not about producing lots of articles and posts. Content planning and blogging strategy are needed.

by Annissa Manystighosa

The Call-to-Action Button Strategy on Landing Page

The call-to-action (CTA) buttons on landing page e-commerce mostly seem unpersuasive. Learn the strategy to boost the engagement.

by Annissa Manystighosa

AMP – Definition, Benefit, and Implementation

Let's get to know about Accelerated Mobile Page (Google AMP). Discover the benefit and implementation of AMP.

by Muhamad Nuril Huda

16 Factors That Influence Website Ranking

Do you want to improve your Google rank? Be alert to these 16 things before you do website optimization.

by Alvina Vivian Wardhani

Word Counter for Content Writing and SEO Activities

Utilizing Word Counter, a free feature from CMLABS, for deeper SEO writing .

by Nif’an Fatahillah

7 Internal Link Strategies to Increase Google Pagerank

Learn the function of internal link to determine the link score, page score, and content relation to increase your Google rank.

by Annissa Manystighosa

Landing Page Complete Guide for E-commerce Websites.

Landing page is a page where visitors land from Google to a site. It is sure the e-commerce page's first impression.

by Annissa Manystighosa

Factors Influencing the On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

Experts assume SEO is about web optimization. There are two different branches to handle: on-page and off-page.

by Annissa Manystighosa

Content Writing – Guides & How to Create SEO Articles

Feel interested in learning to create SEO articles? These online guidelines will help you learn Content Writing in the right way.

by Ilman Akbar

How To Conduct Keyword Research Before Writing A Content

Choose your target audiences before writing a content. Use keyword research tools e.g. Google Ads Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, etc.

by Annissa Manystighosa

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Website Site-Speed

Site-Speed is the time spent to load all elements on the web page. Site-Speed affects the readers' comfort.

by Annissa Manystighosa


Besides the above topic on "Research-based", cmlabs also delivers other variations of content based on Opinion and Analysis of several brand names in Indonesia, and conducts a deep analysis on a particular website strategy.

SEO Plans For Online Insurance Services (Level 1)

Making an SEO plan for fintech Online Insurance. This guide is presented in two languages, Indonesian and English.

by Dwiyana Kurniawan

10 Pages That Drive Traffic to Gobear Indonesia

The following are the top 10 pages that bring a lot of traffic to Gobear Indonesia. Take a peek at their content strategy here!

by Nif’an Fatahillah

10 Keywords To Drive More Traffic For Lifepal

What keywords provide a lot of traffic for Lifepal? Specifically 10 organic keywords from search engines.

by Muhamad Nuril Huda

Comprehensive Marketing Plan at the Enterprise Level

In Indonesia, Paylater is introduced by Traveloka. Which one is better if we take a look from SEO perspective and any brands exposure?

by Alicia Josephine

10 TRIBUNNEWS Articles That Are Widely Shared On Facebook

Here are the top 10 articles with the highest number of visits and organic traffics (from May 2019 to April 2020) from one of Indonesia's largest online publishers: Tribunnews.

by cmlabs


Through the cmlabs blog, our thinkers and specialists try to educate the business and enterprise about the significance of SEO, content marketing, and the online marketplace.

Back to 5 years ago, we saw many brands incorporate TV and billboard as a marketing media. At that time, the strategy was still relevant and appropriate for the target market. We, in Indonesia, still did not have vast and mature internet users yet.

However today, online sales reaches the culmination point, especially in various developed countries such as the USA, South Korea, China, and Europe countries in broad. Moreover, the vast development of internet in Indonesia can be considered as a positive signal for the enterprise. Indonesian internet users currently becomes more mature and are able to realize the importance of product research prior to purchasing.

Therefore, it is the time for you to embrace this demand. Do not ever let your prospective consumers experience a low-quality purchasing. But we believe that your products are what they should and need to get. Want to get an offer for your company today?

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