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VPS: Definition, Benefits, and Effects on SEO

Last updated: Dec 20, 2022

What is VPS?

A VPS is a private virtual server that aims to store website data. Generally, this type of server is used by websites with large amounts of resources. In this case, using a VPS server is the most advantageous because all of your website data does not need to be shared with other websites, as with shared hosting.

A virtual private server (VPS) is used by only one person and has no physical form. The virtual technology used will divide the server into several different resources. That way, your website's performance will not be affected by the others.

VPS is a type of server that is suitable for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, developers, and programmers. Corporate needs that require a lot of resource storage can also be met with a large-capacity service from a VPS server.

Each VPS is made to serve its own operating system and software with certain configurations. These servers have different IP addresses, port numbers, routing, filtering, and tables.

To make it easier to understand VPS, think of this server as an apartment building. Inside, there are different facilities that have their own functions. This is why a VPS server is the right choice for websites with large capacities that require a lot of space to manage.

Benefits of VPS

After knowing what a VPS is, you need to know its benefits. Apart from the large capacity, a VPS server also provides several excellent features. like:

  • Selection of the type of control panel to be used
  • The operating system can be selected based on the needs of the website
  • Users are free to change hosting settings as needed
  • More bandwidth is available for greater data storage capacity

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS

VPS is a type of server that has the advantage of large capacity. This server is private, which means it is not shared with other websites. In other words, VPS guarantees the privacy of its users because it is managed privately.

Apart from the three positive points above, there are other advantages that a VPS server has. Some of them are:

  • Shows better performance than shared hosting
  • Servers tend to operate stably
  • There is a guarantee of server resources
  • Specific public IPs are available
  • Have full control over and access to the server
  • Install and uninstall software freely

On the other hand, VPS also has disadvantages that potential users need to consider, such as:

  • Prices tend to be more expensive than shared hosting
  • Difficult to use for beginners in website management
  • The software installation process is more difficult
  • Incorrect configuration can cause errors in the system

Effects of VPS on SEO

After knowing what a VPS is, its benefits, advantages, and disadvantages, you need to find out its effect on SEO. Some of the positive impacts that you get after using a VPS are:

Increased Website Speed

Servers that are used privately and are not shared with other websites can certainly increase website speed effectively. Thus, search engines also provide a positive assessment of your website.

To find out how fast your website is, you can use the Page Speed Test from cmlabs for free. From there, you will get a detailed report on the quality of the website's speed.

Loading Does Not Take Long

It is universally accepted that a good loading process should not take more than three seconds. The issue of slow loading can be solved by using a VPS. With a private server, the loading can be done quickly as there are no disturbances that might be caused by other websites.

Guaranteed Security

To improve cyber security, use a VPS. The Virtual Private Server has a private resource storage feature. Therefore, your data will be safe from virus or hacker attacks that may come from other websites.

Easy System Upgrades

As the business grows, the need for SEO improvements also becomes greater. With a VPS, you can leverage your resources to organically bring in more visitors to meet business needs.

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