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What Is a NavBar? Learn Its Definition, Function, and Types

Last updated: Jul 14, 2023

What Is a Navbar?

NavBar stands for Navigation Bar (navigation bar). This term refers to one of the visual components that are often found in the interface of a website or application.

This element exists in HTML in the form of navigation blocks on top of website pages (headers), especially blogs and articles.

It usually looks horizontal and elongated and contains menus that provide information for website visitors.

If the website refers to pages that are accessed by users, then the navigation bar is an element that can make it easier for users to access the website pages.

In general, the navigation bar is a supporting element that contains a number of additional pieces of information with the categorization of labels, tags, and categories.

According to Jared Spool, a leading user experience design expert, navigation bar elements should be easy to find, consistent, and intuitive.

He emphasizes the importance of providing relevant links and prominently highlighting active links. This is important so that users can quickly and easily navigate websites or applications.

Therefore, a good navigation bar design must pay attention to UI/UX design principles. It's also important to maintain consistency and prioritize usability to improve the overall user experience.

NavBars are often found at the top of website pages; however, this doesn't rule out the possibility that there are navigation bars in other positions.

The reason is that these navigation elements are basically adapted to the user experience on each website.

So, it is possible to find NavBars in various positions, for example, top NavBar, bottom NavBar, footer, and sidebar. 

What Are the Functions of NavBars?

After knowing what a navigation bar is, let's learn about its functions.

In general, the navigation bar functions as a menu that provides navigation. It contains links or icons from a site or application.

The function itself varies. First and foremost, it's closely related to blog navigation.

One of the most significant functions of the navigation bar is to guide users and make it easier for them to move from one page to another.

Apart from being a navigation tool between blogs, it can also make it easier for users to move between features that have been provided on a web page.

For example, when a user wants to subscribe to a platform to make a new entry on it.

In essence, with a navigation bar, users can increase affordability more quickly and efficiently.

That's why NavBar is a very important HTML element so that users can explore various content and available web addresses.

Types of NavBars

In general, navigation bars can be divided into several types, ranging from buttons to fixed navigation bars. Here's an explanation of each type:

1. Basic

This navigation bar is one of the most basic among the others. Generally, the Basic type has a  basic navigation element that hasn't been polished by other designs. 

2. Dropdown

The drop-down type is generally indicated by the presence of an arrow. The arrows here indicate that there are several other menus and sub-menus in the navigation bar.

3. Button

The next type is the button navigation bar. This type is practically similar to the basic type. One thing that sets it apart here is that, as the name suggests, The Button type comes with buttons.

With the Button, users can see a menu with a more attractive design, which will increase the visit rate.

4. Search

The next type is Search NavBar. This type can be easily identified by the presence of a search form in the navigation column.

Generally, it also provides a search icon to make it easier for users to indicate its functions.

5. Responsive

This type of navigation is generally more visually pleasing. The reason is that it is intended for use on small devices such as cellphones and tablets.

6. Fixed

This type includes a navigation block that stays at the top of the website. So even if the web user scrolls down the screen, this navigation will remain at the top of the page.

A fixed navigation bar is quite popular because it can help users search easily. That way, they don't have to scroll repeatedly on website pages.

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